Simrishamns kyrka
St. Nicholas Church, originally probably a fish chapel consisting of the current choir. Since then extended. Gravestones in the church floor. Church walls of quartzite.

January 4, 2014
I have a few minutes with me and I have time to sneak into the church before they close. Holy to the seafarers Sankt Nicolai. In the ceiling of the nave hangs two ecclesiastical ship from the 1800s. The oldest part is the choir. The church is first mentioned in 1161 and was probably a fish chapel, it was then in the monastery in Tumathorp (Eastern Tommarp). In the 1200s built the nave. In the Middle Ages, built a porch and tower.

The altar is from the early 1600s. From the Middle Ages is the font of Limestone. Over the font hangs a crown to come in the 1700s. In the early 1600s the church received altar and pulpit. On the pulpit is the bible citations and it has the Danish king Christian IV's monogram C4. In the 1700s also came wooden sculptures. On a pillar is an epitaph of alderman Peter Morck (alderman from 1694 to 1710), who is buried in the church.

The floor has some beautiful tombstones. In the porch is a black oak of wreck timber with a list of pastors. There is also a grave slab. The organ is modern, with an organ loft decorated with figures. Time to close the church. It became quick visit.

Above the entrance is a sundial. The clock and disagree with a few minutes. Outside the church are two sculptures by Carl Milles "Angel with Trumpet" and "sisters". The latter was erected in 1953, from the requirement Milles teaching has been that the church would be released from the gray concrete that had to boulders emerge. In this case, a good decision, it gives the church an unusual charm.