Ravlunda kyrka
from about 1200. Best known for the author Fritiof Nilsson Pirate tombstone.

May 13 2012: The church dates from around 1200. Inside are murals, but those can not I see, the church is locked. It's getting late in the day. Well, the church is best known for the author Fritiof Nilsson Piraten tombstone with his own text. But where is it? I walk around the cemetery and looking. The church is beautiful with views west towards a farm surrounded by blooming rape fields. The tombstone can not I find. Walking around the church, go walking the paths up and down. Do check that all church doors are locked.

Disappointed I walk back to the gate. It is perhaps a description about the church there. There is a visible sign, a map of the cemetery. Of course, I'm so stupid. On the map, the grave is marked. It's probably better that way, it is a tourist attraction. On the map is also shown the burial place of one of the best swedish ballad singer, Olle Adolphsson. In the southwest corner, right where I stood and looked out over the rape fields. I must be blind.

Going back to where the grace is, on the ground is the stone with his words:

Below is
the ash of a man
who had the habit
of pushing all
for tomorrow
However, improved
he did
ultimately and
really died
January 31 in 1972

The man was a great joker in his life. On the tombstone is a few coins and a stone. Apparently a custom to do so.

Adjacent, slightly south, is since 2004 Olle Adolphsson. He, too, with the yellow rapeseed fields as background. He was one of the best ballad singer in sweden.

Fritiof Nilsson Piraten
Olle Adolphsson