Haväng dolmen
an approximately 5000 years old tomb at Haväng. A stone chamber tomb with a central chamber with roof blocks surrounded by stones. Beautifully situated on the Baltic Sea.

13 May 2012: Sets the car in the parking lot at the hostel. Haväng must be one of Skåne's most visited sites. Actually, you do not have it with in a tour guide. I have not been here for almost thirty years. Then we stayed a few days at the youth hostel Skepparpsgården, a nice memory. It is now so popular that you have to book half a year in advance. Today I'm  myself and just for the day. Walk the path down to the beach, turn north up towards Haväng dolmen. The dolmen showed up during a storm in the 1800s, the storm blew away the sand that covered the tomb. The stone chamber is open with the roof block on top. Around it, a rectangular group of smaller stones. The stones mark the boundary of the area that was covered with earthfilling. The long side is parallel to the sea, to which the dolmen has a nice view. In the south is at the horizon a renowned Scanian silhouette, Stenshuvud.

It's probably not the dolmen that attracts people to Haväng, it is rather the sun and sea. There are a few that come and watch for a while before disappearing to the beach or back to the hostel. Maybe not so strange today, it's early in the season and the beach is pretty empty. I continue my study of the tomb. I think it's interesting with these monuments of a bygone era. Thinking of how it was here 5000 years ago when the tomb was built, for whom? How were they, what were they thinking? They probably thought the same as we, why are we hare, food for the day, aging and death, to reproduce, power and greed for wealth. Same thoughts yet so different life.

I disappear into the past. I wake up in my own time, both better and worse than then. Leaving the dolmen behind me and go down to the footbridge over Verkeån for a walk south along the beach to Kivik.