Hallsbergs stenar
north of Lövestad, in the garden at Möllehuset there are strange picture stones with biblical motifs, which the farm owner Nils Nilsson created during the end of his life in the late 1800's.

29/6 2018:
Drive north from Lövestad. Signed against Hallsbergs Trädgård. On a gravel road, at Hallsbergs farm there is a parking. A tractor man stops and wonder if we have any scrap. Nah. Does my car look so scratchy? It's almost new.

Going the small road, between stone walls, south to the garden. Rosebay Willowherb, Meadowsweet and Lady's Bedstraw bloom. Put 10 SEK in a box as entrance fee to the garden. In the garden is the mill owner Nils Nilsson's (1816-1896) work. Sculptures and inscriptions with biblical models. There should be 13 stones. A cairn with Erik the holy's head. Lot's wife. In the cairn there are three other stones. At a brook a stone with a map with the Jordan River. Örtagårdsminnet, beside a gazebo, edited stories about the garden of Eden in image and text. A pedigree. He got nine children, seven died. In the garden there are old roses.

Drive back to Lövestad. Coffee and cookies on Karlsson's corner. A cozy café/restaurant. A walk in Lövestad. On many old houses is a sign telling about its history. Nice. But many look worn out.

26/4 2009: I stand at a farm: Hallsbergs museum. Closed. Open Sundays 17/5-30/8 13-16 it says. It is a nice farm, operated by Färs Härad local history association and contains a agricultural museum. A gravel road leads to it and to a parking lot. The farm is located just north of Lövestad. A signpost points south to a narrow gravel road. Hallsbergs garden, it is written on it. The garden turns out to be an interesting place. "Entry fee 5 :-" I put a five kronor in the money box. The place is also known as Hallberg's stones. The miller and farmer Nils Nilsson made the garden and the yellow house in the 1870s. There is also a millpond and remnants of a water mill. A stream runs through the garden. In the garden are a number of figures carved in stone, stone tablets with texts and pictures, all with biblical motifs. Near the stream is a stone with the text "In eighteen hundred and twenty five Hallsberg became our new home". On a heap of stones is a head with a blessed face. A small gazebo is in a corner. Nearby stands the stone "Örtagård memory" about the sin. "Symbol from the Bible last book", the Revelation, is the content of a rich decorated stone. I eat my lunch together with the other characters sitting at a round table in the midst of the garden. Birds, perhaps Lapwing, practice among the cows on the ground some distance away. Next to the table is a strange shaped stone, the top is a jaw face.