Disas ting
in Svarte west of Ystad. Stone Circuit of unclear origin. Tradition say that the Virgin Disa had a session there. Could be the remains of a dolmen.

July 13 2012: Goes off the train at Svarte west of Ystad. Go down to the beach, where it is almost deserted. Following the shore westward, past one of the waves finely shaped stone, and up the slope to a lawn. There lies Disas ting, a rectangular 30-meter long and 16 meters wide rectangle of stones of unclear origin. Tradition has held a "Jungfu Disasters" things here. It has been in the paving found a cobblestone layer inside the dotted with burnt human bones, dated to the Iron Age centuries around the birth of Christ. Another interpretation is that it is the remains of a långdös from the Neolithic period 3300 BC.

The rocks lie along the road through Svarte, and with the sea on the other side. The sea side is almost complete, with high rocks. Road side is sparser and with lower stones. Western short side is missing. The straight lines are almost perfect. Rest for a while with a stone as seat. Go down to the beach again.

Not so empty anymore, people swim from the pier. I go east, jumping over Svartån outlet to the sea. Splat! Not quite over, landing in the water and sinking into the sand. Reaches a fence and an unstable stile. Wonder if you can walk on the beach to Ystad? Not today, turns, this time wading barefoot over Svartån. Take a short and refreshing bath. On the beach has somebody with stones made the letter U and a heart. U as Ulf, that is me. U love who? It is not completed. Time to take the train home. Have time for an ice cream in the pizzeria at the station.