Västerstad church ruin
here was the soberness apostle Peter Wieselgren vicar 1833-1847. In the garden of the vicarage is a memorial stone.

9 October 2010: Drive to Västerstad to see the ruins of Västerstad's original church. The ruin is located at the vicarage in Västerstad, just east of Löberöd, where I park. The church was built in the 1100s, when the new church was built in the late 1800s it was abandoned. The church is known for that here the soberness apostle Peter Wieselgren was a vicar from 1833 to 1847. Given that alcohol consumption in those days was much higher than today did one probably need an apostle. In the garden of the parsonage next to the church is a memorial stone of him. At the wall facing the road is yet another memorial stone: October 8, 1678 were freebooters surrounded at the rectory, betrayed by the priest, and killed by a Swedish cavalry troop.

I walk into the ruins and the abandoned grave yard around it. Sheep graze to keep the place open. Old largely illegible headstones, some from the 1600s, are standing or lying. On the tower, which it says 1748 on, is brick visible in the thick wall. In one corner stands an altar. There should be a mark by a craftsman on a wall, but I can not find it. The ruins have been renovated and is as far as I know used for open-air religious services and weddings.