Svensköp church ruin
Church was built in the 1200s, it was abandoned in the 1860s when the new church was built. In the graveyard are several old gravestones, the oldest from the 1600s.

March 17, 2012: At the crossroads at the country store in Svensköp on Linderödsåsen is a signpost "Church ruin" pointing north. After a few kilometers is a road to the right towards Sätofta. A short distance and the ruin located on the left side. There is room to put the car on the spot beneath the ruins. Of the church, located on a low hill, there remains only the parts of the walls. Go through the gate, where a sign tells about the church. Going through something that could have been a church porch. It is stout granite walls. On entering the nave. In the chancel is an altar of stone. I have lunch with me, and I hope no one has anything against that the altar will be my lunch table. From there, I have a good overview of the nave. In its other end is a fine window. Through a another window, I see a spruce at the churchyard wall. On the signpost at the gate was mentioned a two spruces, I go from the church to the tree. Two flat stones are leaning against a tree stump. On them is it written "AES SAT GRAN YEAR 1827" and "AES DEATH IN 18? '. Memorial stones over the man who planted two trees. Is it the stump and the tree that is left as it is aimed at?

I go to the gate again where old gravestones are located. The oldest is a stone from 1638 with beautiful text and reminds us of two honest and godly men, Jon Jenson and Trol Lafresön in Elmhult. Closer to the church is a stone that is protected with a cover. Opening it, the stone is barely visible. It is mostly covered with gravel. I let it be. It is proably the stone which the signpost says is from the 1710th. I walk around looking for more stones. Find a bigger one with text, and a number of smaller with initials and year. They all seem to be from the 1800s.

I walk down from the hill, and go the gravel road on the north side, past a field and into a forest. Following field edge at the forest. Looking back towards the church, nestled in a slight haze. Two horses come walking and see me. Take my picture and returns.

Drive to Svensköp to shop in the country store, but it close earlier on Saturdays. On the way to Hörby, in Köinge, is Sandell's bakery. Stop and buy a tosca cake.


Sandells bakery