Ekeröd grave field
In the woods west of E22 at Ekerödsrasten is a grave field with seven stone circles. The grave field is believed to be from the late Iron Age (400-1000 AD).

December 30, 2011: I go off the bus Skåneexpressen 1 at Ekerödsrasten. There is a large road construction, and the forest road I had planned  to walk to the grave field  is completely blocked. I have take a detour and cross the road construction, and I manage to find what was the forest road. It is completely destroyed, reinforced as it is to withstand heavy traffic to the road construction. After a short distance stands a crooked sign "Tomb Cairn" pointing into the woods. Enters approximately 20 meters. On a crest of a deciduous forest is a cairn. The cairn, which is signposted, is from the Bronze Age. In the middle, is a coffin covered with stones, around it a ring with kerbstones. I return and walk the ugly "forest road" to my real goal, Ekeröd grave field.

After about a kilometer is a sign saying "Gravfält" (Grave field) which is pointing towards heaven. Where it is not, I've been here before and know that it is in the oak grove just south of the road. It consists, as a sign informs, of seven stone circles and some erected stones. I go around and count, 1,2,3,4,5,6, uh looks like six only, maybe a seventh unclear. They tangent to each other, and share inbetween them some stones. The circles are said to be cremation graves. There is a picnic table with a barbecue. It's probably not a lot of visitors here. In my opinion these small grave fields are more interesting than Ales stones which everybody visit. The hiking trail Skåneleden passes, so hikers on the trail is probably most of the visitors. Far away a dog barks, I can hear a shot.

The stones are decorated with lichen and moss, on rotting fallen tree trunks grow mushrooms and moss. Among the trees are some cairns, from another by a now since gone era, made from the time one was cultivating the stony land. Hard to imagine what life was like.

Going back on the road. A car stops, a woman is wondering if I have see a dog. "Nah, just heard the dog barking." Skåneleden branches off from the road, I follow the trail past the windshelter, which is beautifully situated on a low ridge overlooking the fields. Going from the shelter on the trail on the low ridge, over a stile, through deciduous forest back to the road construction and Ekerödsrasten where I'll eat lunch.