Bosarps ödekyrkogård
old church from the 12th century was demolished 1867 when a new church was built. What remains is the foundation walls and some old tombstones.

March 24, 2012: In many places, the old church was demolished when they built a new church because the old got too small in the 1800s. So also in Bosarp north of Eslöv, along the road towards Höör. The new was built a few hundred meters north of the old one. The old church is just north of where the road cuts through the ridge Bosarps jär. I park the car, open the gate and enter. It is only the restored foundations that remain. In the chancel is a high wooden cross. A memorial is decorated with tulips. At the foundation is something that is protected with a box. Lift it with a little of effort, but carefully, and remove the box.

Beneath it is a beautiful tomb with rounded gable stones. The motif of the stone is Jesus as the world judge, according to the information sign at the gate. Outside the porch are old tombstones. In the churchyard are also newer graves, family tombs. Mossy headstones are aligned and with almost unreadable text. My journey must go on, I cover the tomb with the box again.