Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Danshögarna
8/2 2009: In Rinnebäck in eastern Kävlinge is a pointer 'Fishing Place' pointing down to Kävlinge river. I drive down there. The water rapids in the river. Over the river is a foot- and bicycle bridge. "Warning slippery" is written on a plate. On the other side, after a grove of trees, is a house. A road goes past the house, then continue to the south past fields. A few hundred meters east of the road is Danshögarna, two stone-chamber tombs. Passing them is a walkable stripe between the fields. The field is plowed but not seeding, so I can take me over to them. There are only a few meters to them. On the western stack are only a few stones visible. In the eastern, on which there are large trees, is a tomb without the stone roof. Northwards towards Kävlinge river is Ringhögen, a long tomb. It is located further out in the field and against the house. I feel like an intruder, so I study it from a distance. It is about 50 meters long, several trees growing on it. I can see several large stones. Around me it is arable land. I go back to the river and follow its southern side upstream. It is a wet path through the tree grove. A man stands and fish, but without fishing success. There should be plenty of trout now, but nobody wants to bite, he says. I had hoped to come up to Ringhögen here, but it is wet, rugged, and barbed wire fence prevent. I give up, stand a while and rest my eyes on the water, and then drive home.