(Hyby stone 1) stands by the village street in Vismarlöv. It is a runestone from the 1000s, with a difficult to read rune loop. A deer and a crusifix indicate that it may have a Christian influence.

January 25, 2020
Have been to Vismarlöv's café and drank coffee. Drive onto Vismarlöv's village street. At its end stands a solitary tree, next to it is a runestone from the 1000s. The actual name is Hyby stone 1.

The inscription is difficult to read, as the stone is weathered and on it grow lichen, even more difficult to read now that it is not painted. On the last visit, the color was better. The inscription reads according to the sign on the site:

Tordh hewed these runes ... Folkvi owns Hög(by)?...

The inscription runs on both the front and back. On the front is a hint of a deer. Deer can be a symbol of a newly converted Christian. The crusifix at the top also indicates that the runestone has an influence from Christianity. The stone was found in 1624 in a stone fence. It has stood at the school in Vismarlöv, in 1987 it was restored and put in its current place. There should also be marks on the stone, but I can not see them. There's a cold wind. Drive home, then remember we did not look at the back of the stone. The run loop continues over to the back, where it ends at a crusifix. May be another time. Like I thought at the previous visit in 2007.

March 4, 2021
So it happened to pass the stone again. Corona has made it not to visit Vismarlöv's café before. Now it's time to look at the back of the stone more closely. Does not see much of any rune loop. Maybe occasional rune characters. The cross can perhaps be distinguished in part. Should be at half the height on the left side. A clearer mark can be seen in the upper left corner. But otherwise it is invisible. The front has deteriorated even more during the past year. Drive on to the café, buy cakes and fire cheese from Soldattorpet's dair which is located nearby.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.585979, 13.289081