Veberöds ljung
nature reserve east of Veberöd is natural pastures with stately oaks. Klingavälsån winds through the area.

March 2, 2014
Eat the breakfast buffet at Vismarlövs cafe. Outside are beautiful hens pecking. Two roosters strutting around and're proud of their joint harem. Drive to Veberöds heather east of Veberöd. Turn off route 11 where it is signposted Kulturens Östarp. After a kilometer is a larger parking lot on the east side of the road. Still lingers spring, but a sign of spring maybe there even though the fog is this early March day.

The heather has recently become a nature reserve for its flora and oak groves of old pasture land. A stile is leading into the reserve. Following the former railway line, the rails remains, until it is stopped. A fence barriers. Follow the fence north to the river Klingavälsån which meanders quietly. The river is lined with alder. Out on the pasture are some oaks on a line, one has fallen and become home to all sorts of bugs. Following the river to the main road that crosses the river on a stone arch bridge from 1887. Going over a stile and take the road to the parking lot where a stile leads to the pasture west of the road.

Coming in at pasture land with beautiful groves of oak and juniper. Cattle tracks runs over the pasture. On a surface stand stumps. Walks towards road 11 that runs adjacent to the pasture in the north. A stream meanders. Then walk along an oak grove until Klingavälsån. By the river is a large population with Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem. It is already on the way to flower. Sitting down for a coffee break at a small rapid. The water sings soothing. Ending the tour at the arch bridge and go back to the car.