castle ruins on a promontory in Havgårdssjön. On the cape Turestorpsö located two hills. On them lay in the Middle Ages a fortress.

March 28, 2016
Between Börringe and Skurup is a way south. The sign says Grönby. West of it is the lake Havgårdssjön. On the cape Turestorpsö are located two hills. On them lay in the Middle Ages a fortress.

Park on a grassy area next to the road. A stile leads into the pasture. On the ground is a sign "Beware of the Bull". Not relevant this early spring day.

Walking across the pasture. From the lake shore is a nice view to the cape. A large hill and a smaller one. When the castle was built is unknown. At the end of the 1300s it was owned by gälkaren Tue Galen. He came out of favor with Queen Margaret, who took the castle in 1382. The castle was donated to Lund Cathedral, and became a quarry.

Marshes and lake made it difficult to conquer. A paved road leading up to it. Perhaps remnants of what is seen. The castle was built of brick. On the crest of the larger hill are the remains of a brick wall. On the ground are a variety of brick pieces.

The view of the lake is beautiful. Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem blossoms. At the lake is a beautiful oak. Roam around. Easter Lunch in shelter behind the large hill.

Walking back. On the other side of the road beyond a field is a deciduous forest. Hepatica? Go there. Jumping a stream. No hepatica. Much wild garlic and Petasites albus.