Big stone beach
north of Barsebäckshamn is a stony beach with a large stone at Stenbocksvallar. Not a good beach but quiet and peaceful despite the proximity to a good beach. A favorite spot for me.

11 August 2012: Driving north from Barsebäckshamn will soon Sjöbobadet at Barsebäckstrand show up. There is a large car park. Just south of the bath is Stenbock ramparts, a fortification from the early 1700s. Below the ramparts is a stony shoreline. A bunker defense of the Skåne Line from World War II is in the northern part. From it there are views over the shore. A pier extends out into the water. To the south, a few meters into the water, is a large stone. Hence I call it the Big stone beach (NOTE: it is not an official name). For almost thirty years, this place has been a favorite spot for me. Many coffee and lunches have taken on the beach, and usually at the stone. All seasons. Guaranteed nearly empty of people, it's not a good place for swimming. Most bathe in the port or Sjöbobadet. There are some who swim at the pier, where there is a strip of sand.

Going down on the beach. In the water at the shore is a flock of geese. A tuft of sea rocket has found a place on the beach. Take my place at the Big stone for my coffee, hot chocolate and a tosca shell. Out in the water beyond the stone breaks the waves, it moves all the time. Must be an animal underneath. Geese swim past beyond the stone. Another flock passes over it. I am going into the water to say hello to the stone. It rests on smaller stones. It is stony, the stones are slippery by something. I stagger out. Pats my stone. Alongside is a small place with sand. Where I dip myself properly. For safety, I crawl back to shore.

See also about Stenbocksvallar (Stenbock ramparts), with some more pictures of the Big stone beach at other seasons.