Soldattorpet dairy
a small dairy in Hyby with cheese with milk from the area. In Tthe farm shop you can taste and buy cheese and bowl of curds.

April 23, 2011: I drive my back roads to Hyby south of Staffanstorp, then the road to Bokskogen and Torup Castle. After a short distance, just after the lake Pudesjö, is a dirt road. A sign "Gårdsmejeri" is pointing into it.

If you drive a few hundred meters down the road you will come to a cottage and a car park. Sets the car in the parking lot. The dairy is in a separate building, may not enter it due to reasons of hygiene. The cheese you buy in the shop in another small building at the cottage. Go into the store, where the cheese is in the dishes and is tempting. A man come and tell about the cheese making. The milk is taken from a small-scale farmer in the nearby Skurup area. You get to taste all the cheeses. Solid, loose, creamy, all with the name of the Hyby. Buy a piece of Port Salut, i.e. Port Hyby for 33 SEK per 100 grams. Real Salut taste. They also sell bowl of curds! Buy one to eat now, need energy. They do not have a cafeteria, but may sit in the garden and eat it. Do get a little of sugar and cinnamon added. Ah tastes well. Go to talk with the hens and cock. From the hill next to the cottage is views towards Pudesjö and Hyby.

Continue on the scenic road to Bokskogen and Torup to the museum of agricultural labourer, Statarmuseet, there. It's time for a coffee. Choose today's offering, coffee and a kind of pastry, Pasha, with a creamy cheese in. Do you need to go to the bathroom so use the outhouse.

Stops on the way back at the local bakery in Vismarlöv and buy a bread.

See also my photos from Torup with Torup and Statarmuseet.

Soldattorpet dairy
Vismarlöv bakery