Skoggårds ängar
west of Lake Häckeberga is a since long dry part of the former Häckebergsjön. Was used before with hay.

February 23, 2014
At the church in Genarp is a road south. A sign shows to Risen nature reserve. First, through the residential neighborhoods, last part is a narrow dirt road to a parking. Go from there the green and whote track through spruce forest with storm-felled uprooted trees, up to a barbecue area. A family with children is using it. Take to the left, the trail follows a pasture. Through the forest, the road is lined with wood storages. Mountain bikers drift past. Passing a farm, children, cats and horses. On the slope towards the road is shrubbery with broom, will probably be beautiful when it blooms.

Crossing the road, wandering a gravel road south on the other side. Passing the stone arch bridge over the creek that drains Skoggårds meadows in the west to Lake Häckeberga. A lot of water under the bridge. At low tide you can jump the creek up at a dam near the meadows. Today is needed waders. Going up on a hill and looks out over the meadows. More a marsh than a meadow today. Wet. Just after the bridge is a forest road to the west. Taking into it through the forest.

SLABANG SPLASH !! Jerk. What is it? The water starts spraying out of a pipe, ah, a pump building. Water pumped from the lower wetland south of the road to the meadows to the north. A tree has been broken, covered with shelf fungi has also been put to final rest out over the water toward the meadow. The road winds through the forest. A coffee break sitting on a tree trunk overlooking the meadows. South of the road is a swamp forest. You can jump the small streams that cross the forest to the swamp forest. The trees looke the roots as if they were bones. It's a magical feeling.

Beside the road stands a rotten tree trunk. Passing a stone cellar. It looks newly renovated. What is it used for? Passing the road again. Walk Skåneleden back to Risen. By deciduous forest, crossing a mountain bike trail. Horse and rider pass at a leisurely pace. Much that has fallen in storms. Coming up to the road to the barbecue area. Following it back. In the forest is large uprooted trees. Is soon back at the car park.