Salviken is the bay between Barsebäckshamn and Vikhög on the coast of Öresund. The coastline consists of open grazed meadows, and is a nature reserve. Bird life is rich.

January 28, 2017: South
Turns off in Löddeköpinge on the road to Vikhög. Before the hill down to the village there is a parking. Many cars in the parking lot. Going down the hill to the beach. Some study birds, others walk. Following the beach north. Inland country are meadoww. Long-range out in the sea. Easy walk along the beach.

The sun shines. Barsebäck power plant silhouette in the haze. Have been cold nights. Ice is located at the beach edge. Round small lagoons. Crossing a stream at the outlet on the beach. The cold has made the ground hard, easier to walk since it would have been wet. Just here I turned back about ten years ago, Then the steam was deep and wide.

Comes to the beach with some fortress from World War II. Here we went from north a year ago (see below). Dives up on a lawn near the water. Coffee without dip. Too cold for bath. Ice is located along the shore. Walking back. Looking for beautiful stones. Finds a fossil, a belemnit. Nice wave lines in the sand.

A man stands in the water and fishes. More with fishing rod comewill go walking. "What are you fishing now?". "Sea trout".

March 13, 2016: North
Park in the parking lot where Barsebäckshamn begins. Going down to the harbor. Then south on the beach on the trail Skåneleden. Chilly. The sea is calm. The clouds are dense. Greyish blue.

In the village's southern part is a redoubt of Charles XII of time. Built in the 1710s as protection against a possible Danish attack. Adjacent is the Per-Albin line from World War II. Bird watchers are hoping for eider. Barsebäck nuclear power, now closed, and swans. Sea buckthorn waiting for spring.

Crossing a pasture via stiles. Over the to the power plant. On the road past the hostel. Looks booring, barracks. In the north, open landscape. On the dirt road past the large power lines. Old hollow willows lining the road. Country lane towards the sea. Snowdrops bloom. Over stile into meadow.

A stone pier going out into the sea. Shallow. Leaving Skåneleden at a stile. On the bridge over a stream. Crossing the pasture out to the meadow. Canada Geese crossing over Barsebäck. Fort monitors the shoreline. Wet. In the south glimpse Vikhög. Towards land is a low embankment. Similar to the shoreline at Järavallen further north, Littorinavallen. After the Ice Age was that the shoreline. Over a stile, along fields, through angular passage and up the embankment. Taking coffee among the pines. A hare makes a visit. Then walk back. Turn before Barsebäckshamn off on the dirt road that goes up to the parking lot.

November 15, 2008: East
At Löddesborg, on the road between Löddeköpinge and Vikhög, is parking. From here you can go to Löddeåns mouth on a drive. You can also follow the gravel road to Löddeköpinge to get to the northern Salviken and Lödde dune forest. It's what I do in the wind and drizzle. My first stop is a burial mound, Ulahögen, in a pine and birch grove. It is easy to find and is signposted. I go on the gravel road, take the north onto a path through the woods. In the northern part of the forest will be another burial mound, Salthög. I'll find a hill in the woods as it coulde, clear it is not. Continuing down to Salviken nature reserve at the Öresund. Following the border between meadows and woods. There are pine and birch. Coming out on a dirt road that goes up to a house, Sunflower, which is a pre-school. Must be nice to be a child here. Following a trail in the pine forest road away from the Sunflower. Coming up to the gravel road at Ulahögen, and walk to the parking lot. It has stopped raining.