is a small nature reserve northeast of Lund. It is dominated by oak and hazel, and some lime. In a corner is an area with beech. Glades are kept open by haymaking, this gives a rich flora. Butterfly-orchids and orchids.

February 28, 2023
Few cars in the parking lot. The sun shines. Storm Otto recently knocked an oak over the path. Trunks with moss are lit up by the sun on a clear blue sky. The beeches are still resting. The few who are here are with dogs.

April 10, 2022
A visit to see the wood anemones. Goes over the boardwalk to the clearing with the anemones. In bloom. Goes the pathclockwise around. A lot of anemonesx along the path. Also on the pasture to the north. In the eastern part there are not so many. Returns when you approach the parking lot. The parking lot is almost full.

March 22, 2022
Empty parking lot. Goes round clockwise around. A few wood anemones are bloomong. Taking a coffee break at our main table with the view to the north over the pasture. A lot of water in the pond. Moving on, not many wood anemones but there are some along the path. The beech forest stands guard.

October 12, 2021
A little boring autumn day. Take a trip to Linnebjer to see what mushrooms there are. Walk the long path that goes on the outskirts of Linnebjer. There are a lot of nice mushrooms, most of them I do not know the name of. It is no excursion weather so there will be no coffee at our table. Nice to get out anyway. Only we who are here today.

June 25, 2021
We drive to Linnebjer for a midsummer coffee. Maybe thelesser butterfly-orchid is blooming. We saw no one here last year. It's midsummer eve, there are more than us who moved the celebration to Linnebjer in corona times. Many cars, the table at the parking lot is busy. Families sitting on blankets, the table by the orchid meadow is busy. Inside the forest sits a family with children. We go to our clearing, our "table" is fortunately vacant. Start by looking for lesser butterfly-orchid. Have not seen so many copies here before, this time we find more than ten copies. They are a bit shy and hide in the tall grass. Also finds some strawberries. We serve with pie, raspberries and freshly picked strawberries. Many who pass by on the the for a midsummer eve walk. We find a few more lesser butterfly-orchid before we continue the path to the parking lot.

May 19, 2021
A few cars in the parking lot. A man is sitting at a table. We go the path towards the clearing. Lily of the valley in bud, seems to be unusually numerous this year. he white anemones are about to run out. Yellow Archangel bloom. Looking for Globeflower at the pasture in the north. None are visible. In the clearing, the orchids begin to bloom. Continue to the clearing with our main table. Many violet. Some Marsh-marigold and Water Avens. At the stile towards the pasture meadow cuckooflower bloom. An apple tree is blooming by the pond. We have our coffee at the main table. In the well there is water. Continues the path around. Some are oy walking their dog. More of lily of the valley in bud under the beeches.

June 2, 2020
Not so many cars today, but still unusually many. Warning for vipers is written on a sign. The Red Campion is blooming. A lot of leaves of lily of the valley, not many flowers. At the clearing and out towards the horse paddock, Globeflower have sometimes bloomed. This year, no trace of them is seen. Goes out into the clearing. Many orchids. A beautiful stand with Ragged-Robin flowers. More of lily of the valley, and some blooming. Our goal is to find the Butterfly-orchid in the next clearing with our coffee table. No traces of Butterfly-orchid. There is unusually tall grass there, they may not thrive anymore. Continues round. Meets some people. Smells like cigarette smoke, unusual here in the woods, a couple sitting by the side of the path. Comes to the beech grove where the ground is covered with lilies of the valley, some in bloom. More than usual I think. Women pitch sunbeds by a fallen tree. We have no coffee with us today, go to the parking lot and drive home. Saw no vipers.

7 May 2020
What? The parking lot is almost full. Just got a place. Here you are usually alone. Must be corona excursion in the immediate area. A few Yellow Anemone. Follow the path clockwise. Marsh Marigold blooms in the clearing in the northern part. Beautiful sheer greenery in the trees. The hint of orchid leaves. Continue to the next clearing. There we have our trunk and stump as a chair and table. Coffee and rhubarb pie. In the corner is a paved well, it must be newly renovated. Can't remind myself of having seen it that way before. Continues round. Rape is in full bloom in the field. The car park is just as full.

June 10 and 3, 2017

June 10, 2017: Lesser Butterfly-orchid
Make a return visit to see the Lesser Butterfly-orchid, as last time (June 3, 2017) was not yet in bloom. Today it is in its beauty. Relatively many copies.

June 3, 2017: orchids
Goes from the parking lot to the glade with orchids. By the glade, the Lily-of-the-valley blooms. In the wetland in the glade there are many orchids. It is wet and beautiful. Towards the pasture in the north blooms Water Avens. No Globeflower (sometimes found here) but Meadow Buttercup. Some Wood Crane's-bill.
Continue east to another glade. Here the Red Campion and Lily-of-the-valley bloom. Lesser Butterfly-orchid in bud. Uses a stump as table and a trunk to chair for the coffee break.

Goes into the glade in the woods. Full of fern. Further on the path round to the beech grove. The field is covered with Lily-of-the-valley. Few bloom. Woman with child shooting light. In the meadow at the parking lot, Ragged-Robin bloom.

May 16, 2014 (published 20/6 2015)
A beautiful spring evening. Make a salad with what is available and drive to Linnebjär. Go to the glade to the north. Cuckoo sound. Along the fence of the paddock blossom Globeflower . Many leaves of lily of the valley. Few blooming or in bud. In the glade it is wet. Walk out to see if there are orkids. Too wet. Make a flanking movement. Try from forest. In the glade are many orchid flowers. Also some Water Avens. Walk the trail to the next clearing. In the forest blooming red campion. In the clearing are logs and stumps. Use a log as chair and stump table. Lay the table. A cozy restaurant. The sun descends. Gets chillier. Go over a stile onto the pasture. Coffee on a log. The evening sun warms.

January 6, 2013: Epiphany Fog.
The fog envelops the landscape, obscuring its forms. The roads disappear into the fog, only the first in a line of power poles are visible. I'm cycling on the road to Linnebjer. On the way there is a sign 'Stone no1, solid and modern'. The house is dilapidated and is being demolished. A joke? Along the way are bulrushes against the plowed field and fog. Stop at a pond. Beehives in winter rest are on the line. At the pond is bulrush. A man is coming. He is telling the stone house to be built when the current house has been demolished. The sign tells us about the future. The dam is a remnant of a slate quarry that became unprofitable at the oil crisis 1973-74, and it was filled with rubble, e.g. from the hospital construction in Lund. The man has just retired from farming, and wrote a poem about his peasant life from 1958 to 2012. The poem was published in the magazine Land.

Sets the cycle at Linnebjer's parking. I'm leaving on foot on the round around. Much water in the marsh adjacent to the parking lot. The fog hangs in droplets from the branches. Families are out on a walk in the gray, dogs rested. Surprisingly lively day. The stream trickle in the clearing winds. The paths are muddy a day like this. The oaks stand dark against the fog that hides the fields behind them. The moss lit up from their fallen tree trunks. A large crimp white fungus has found its place in the life on a tree trunk. What is it? Do not know. A child beech retains its leaves, the brown leaves light up in the dark. At the end of the round stand the adult beech proudly in the fog.

August 5, 2011: Need to get out. Drive to Linnebjer. My place for breathing. Strolling slowly on the path around the reserve. The greenery is summer dark. I sit down at the picnic table in the glade. Eating raspberries. Neigh! Horses come in gallop. A Cabbage Butterfly settle on a flower. Stand on the bench to see the horses better. It starts to rain. Up with the umbrella. Continuing the walk. Step straight into the air. Forgot that I stand on the bench. Falling slap-bang. The horses gallop frightened away. A tree trunk is leaning tired against former comrades. I feel so myself today. Three snails are busy with each other. The horses has followed me. They are magnificent animals. Belong probably to Flyinge estate. We are talking for a while. There is no wind. The grass stand still.

October 29, 2010: Bikes to Linnebjer. A teddy bear sits on the sign of the walking trail. Nesting boxes are waiting for next year's guests. Make a short walk among the autumn colors. Having lunch at the picnic table in the glade. Water furrow meander through the glade. Make a short visit to the beech grove.

30 May 2010: Lily of the Valley in Linnebjer.
I have time with a quick visit to Linnebjer, the nature reserve between Lund and Södra Sandby. It should be time for Lily of the valley to bloom now. There are many lily of the valley, but I am a bit too early. A few flowers are blooming, the rest will come soon. Towards the fields to the north blossom Globeflower. Something I do not know is in bud, I learn later it is Angular Solomon's-seal. (6/6 2011: Another view is that it is Solomon's seal. Therefore I study it and I would agree also on the Solomon's seal.) Buttercups yellow flowers lit up in the glade. Water avens nods. Take a detour home via Frueräften, with rape fields and views of Södra Sandby.

17 October 2009: Taking a break from chores, including to cut the plum tree, and I drive to Linnebjer. Have never seen so many cars in the parking lot before. When I go around I note that most are out with the dog. Goes a rapid round on the path past the glade, through an autumn dressed forest, studying the autumn-colored leaves, most of those which are not green are yellow. A small thing, like maple leaves, are red. On another tree seems the yellow leaves stuck in the air after being catapulted out. Behind a yellow foliage the pastures around the nature reserve are visible. Returning home, I look up HIF - Olympic: 2 - 2. Now we have to get help from Åhus.

3 May 2009: I drive to 'my' nature reserve Linnebjer northeast of Lund. In the parking lot are several cars. I follow the path that runs along the edge of the woods. Wood anemones are not flowering any long , the leaves on the trees has unfurled themselves. There is much of lily of the valley leaves. Marsh-marigold flowers on the small wet meadows in the forest. Enter into a meadow clearing, hoping for more flowers, but find nothing. A woodpecker drum. I sit down in the beech forest with my coffee. See people come and go. Some with dogs. Some with sticks. Some with binoculars. I leave. At the road between Östra Odarslöv and Linnebjer is a low hill. Perhaps is it manmade? I stop there and go up on the top of the hill. In the east I see Linnebjer, in the north is farmland with flowering rape fields.