Lilla Isie gamla kyrkogård
east of Trelleborg. A linden hedge shows the outlines of how the medieval church lay. South of the church, some old gravestones remain, difficult to interpret due to it has been exposed to wind and weather.

September 28, 2018
Coming north from Anderstorp. Just before Västra Torp lies Lilla Isie. The medieval church was demolished in the middle of the 19th century and a new one was built in Västra Torp, though it is called Lilla Isie church. Remaining at the site of the church is a desert cemetery. A big sign shows: "Little Isie old cemetery". Park at the gate.

There are several old tombstones in the south of the church's place. Weared by the time, but beautiful. The texts are partly unreadable. The ornaments are visible on some. Here, landowners were buried with lavish tombstones. To the north of the church, the poor were buried with simple wooden crosses, which have long been decayed. A tombstone has the shape of a stump. One has a fence around it. Some stones lean, here there are no rules that they should be firmly anchored. The church is gone, a linden hedge shows the place for it. Behind the cemetery is a farm, otherwise a tranquil place.