Järavallen - Häljarp
a 6 km hike on the trail Skåneleden part Öresundsled.

April 18, 2014
Drive to Järavallen. The tril Skåneleden is among the pines in the eastern edge of the parking lot. The trail continues on a path among birch trees that begin to have mouse ears. Passing a hollow that a long time ago was a road, hollow road. On the bridge over the highway, where traffic roars. Following horse trail over a meadow, in the east is the lake Fågelsjön. Gravel path to the bathing lake, one has in many years been doing a lake here. Follow the southern edge, turn into a path from the lake. Here is projected a shelter, but do not see anything yet. A lone daffodil bloom at a birch trunk. Come to a country lane. No indicators show the right path.

The road leads north to the soil depot. The trail takes to the east, to the north side of the bathing lake. Last time I was here it was a large pit, now a lake. The trail intermingled with riding path between pine trees. Cross a parking and gravel road to the dog club. Ongoing something with dog exercises. Follow a muddy road, man on tractor smooths the road. Coming up on the road to Saxtorp. A short distance on it, then north on a dirt road. The trail is called here Häljarp trail. Past paddocks to buildings. To the right on an asphalt road in the edge of settlements. West on a gravel road, in the north country views.

On forest road through mixed leaves and spruce. Several are out walking. Goes way past the scout hut and kindergarten. Onto a path through the forest, then a walkway along a fence and fields to Häljarp. Over a road, past a sports field where little boys practicing football. Inside the Häljarp the trail continues in a green string, but I return and eat lunch in the forest among the rotting tree trunks.

Back at the swimming lake, walking on the east side, which warn "Bathing at your own risk. Will quickly be deep". Some dogs are still. Stops on the way back to the Borgeby Castle for a coffee. Magnolierna is about to crack. Buys narcissus of Blomsterfén (flower fairy).