is a nature reserve south of Lake Häckeberga with hardwood, with old trees. Crown Prince hussar regiment went to summer grazing in the area during the 1800s, hence the name.

March 23, 2014
Drive south on the road from Häckeberga Castle. There Skåneleden is crossing the road is a parking. Sets the car and follow the forest road and Skåneleden west. Along the way lies lumber yards. "Hello" cyclists pedaling past. Beside the road is a beautiful pond. Coming to a multi-way intersection, take the south on the far west. Several trees have fallen. Passing through a deciduous tree grove. Going up the hill with young deciduous forest. Wood anemone is on the way out, looking for hepatica but no found. Returning to the road.

Young trees standing close together. Horse with rider pass. The spring sun make the branches glow. To the south, behind the old trees, glimpse fields. Leaving the road to have lunch among the old. Then continues in the woods. A fallen mossy branch resembles a prehistoric lizard. Trudging up the slope to the road. A dead tree trunk is full of holes, a home for many insects. Moving on the slightly muddy road in beech wood. In the south glimpse arable land. At a brook bloom golden saxifrage.

The road passes through a larch grove. What is it red? It is larch blooming. Beautiful red cone-like small flowers. I have not noticed it before. Turn right at an intersection, through the forest to a dirt road, turn left. Chickens, sheep, peacocks intermingled. The road ends at the highway.

Turn left and then left again on a forest road. Have coffee in a clearing sitting on a stump. A handsome spruce stands alone in the forest. Is soon back where roads meet. Now investigating the first road to the left. It leads to the larch grove. Here are there many trees that bloom. Strange that I have not noticed the flowers before. Coming down to the road walked before. Turns and walks back over a hill west of the road. Then the road back to the parking lot.