Hunneröds mosse
a wetland area between Svedala and Skurup. Here is the rare butterfly Alcon Blue and Marsh Gentian that the butterfly is dependent upon.

July 30, 2022
On the day five years ago since last. Drive off the E65 at Lemmeströ south towards Grönby. Shortly afterwards east towards Gärdslöv. In a thicket of deciduous forest is a parking lot on the left. Space for four cars. One is already there. The Alcon Blue perhaps show itself today. The road goes through the forest and there over the stile out towards the marsh. Meets a man. He's here to photograph the Alcon Blue. There are quite a few Marsh Gentian that the butterfly needs to lay its eggs on. Many flowers with butterfly eggs on them. I have a little problem with my knees. When I get up, after photographing a Marsh Gentian, my knee cracks. Links on. The man shows: there an Alcon Blue. Can't get a picture of it. But it's nice. Nice to have seen it anyway. Nice to have a guide. Go through the grove to the next field. Also there some Marsh Gentian. The orchids are overblowned. By some birch trees is a rest area. Settling us down with coffee, wieners and cherries. Satisfied, we return to the parking lot.

May 11, 2019
Alone in the parking lot. Next to the parking lot is a memorial stone over the storm in 1967 Much of the forest was felled then. Today the trees are green. Follows the forest road, across the plain into the moss. There, Lousewort bloom. Nothing is seen by the Marsh Gentian, who was in bloom at the last visit. Continuing to the part where there was a lot of blossomed orchids last time. Not an orchid. Some individual leaves are visible Hear the first cuckoo of the year. Returns to the forest road.

Continuing the road towards the hills to the north. Across a stile into meadow land. Continune along the edge of a field. In a small cart a few orchids can be seen. Not in full bloom yet. Going west up the hill. To the east is the the new eco-duct for animals to pass over E65. Sit down on the slope for lunch with beautiful views. To the east the moss, to the west Kungsbacken. At 1200 Kungsbacken was a brick built castle.

Continuing through the bush up the hill. To the north is Lemmeströ church ruin. A small copper settles on a flower. Follows a field east. Go across a stile and down the hill. Meadow Saxifrage blooms at a hunting tower. A couple settles for a coffee, the first time they are here. They are the only ones we meet during our visit. Returns to the road road and the parking lot.

July 30, 2017
The Marsh Gentian at Hunnerödsmosse was today in the newspaper and earlier on television. Then maybe it's full of people there today. Our trip has been planned earlier. Weather forecast say good during the day with rain in the evening. Drive off the highway E65 at Lemmeströ south towards Grönby. Shortly thereafter east towards Gärdslöv. In a deciduous forest is a parking on the left side. Place for four cars. Two are already there. After us one more visitor with car. Two younger men with plastic bunks come with bikes.

The forest road is blocked by a bar. Walk the way through leaf forest. Soon is on the right a stile. At a picnic table the bikers are sitting. After the stile, a path is over a meadow to the marsh where the Marsh Gentian is. Meet four women. It's stuffy. The man in the fourth car has already passed the marsh.

Seeing a Marsh Gentian. When you see one you see everyone. Many. Blue spots. It's wet, good with boots. The Marsh Gentian is important for the butterfly Alcon Blue who puts their egg on the flower buds. Many Marsh Gentian are in a bud. In some, the eggs appear as white dots. But no butterfly.

Going north past ring-barked trees. Over two stiles to a meadow. The Fourth man and one woman walk around. Lots of orchids, most bloomed. Single Marsh Gentian. Rumbles. Dark clouds. Thunder. The fourth man returns to the car. Walking back. Do not want to be in open terrain with thunder. Flash and thunder. Rain starts. Fourth man may not have seen any Marsh Gentian. Just passed by. As we drive, the sky opens. Parking becomes empty. The rain is falling down. Flashes replace each other.