Hardeberga quarry
look-out for the Eagle-owl in Hardeberga quarry during a late winter walk Dalby - Billebjer - Hardeberga - Lund.

19 March 2011: Take the bus to Dalby. Goes past the church, said to be Scandinavia's oldest existing stone church. Passing a small half-timbered house, which went under the name Slöjdboden (the handicraft shop). Once barracks for workes att the nearby former King farm, and then crafts business shop. Recently purchased by the Society Kulturkvadranten. Continues through the residential neighborhoods and then the road past the National Park Dalby Söderskog. The spring is slow with it's arrival. Past the arable land, with views of the plains to the south, through the village Sjöstorp consisting of a few houses and farms.

Here I leave the asphalt road and walk the gravel road to the cliff Billebjer. From the top it is nice views, but today I do not walk up, instead I follow a trail through the grove. A couple stands on the hill watching with interest something. "What is so interesting?" I wonder curiously. "The sun, it warms!" they answer. Longed-for. Go down to the western pond, which in the summer is hidden by greenery. The ice is still thick. Goes through the undergrowth to the swimming area at the former now water-filled quarry. Again, the ice is still. Take the path above the quarry to the gravel road past Rögle fish ponds, and then the road to Hardeberga. In Hardeberga is a large quarry. One should not talk about breeding grounds for the Eagle-owl, but this is an exception. Undisturbed by the activities in the quarry do they nest in the quarry. It has even been made observation points. Use them! Parking is available at the church, then walk the road past the church. At the end of the road is a pocket toward the quarry edge.

I look-out for a while, no owl. From the end of the road continues a path to a second observation point, with picnic table. Stand and look, listen, see none, hear none. Reading in the observation book, which is in a box, that others have seen and heard them. I sit and drink coffee at the table. Look-out for a while again. It is a large quarry, with high vertical rock cliffs. Owls have  during recent years had a nest in a crevice on the western side. I have seen them there a few years ago. Giving up. Returning to the church, take the walking/bike path to Lund. Looking out over the quarry in the north. To the south, it has probably been a quarry too. Stand and admire the view.

Follow the walking/bike path between fields to Linero in Lund. A wind turbine wines. After the farm Arendala is it a dirt road to Lund, at the beginning an avenue. On the field expands Lund year after year. Lund residents walk, cycle, jog. Take the bus home from Linero center. A typical center with grocery store, pizzeria, library, church.

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