lake southeast of Genarp. Nice to walk around the lake, beautiful surroundings with beech forest, open land, rich in deer. On a headland is Häckeberga castle.

October 18, 2015
Drive the winding narrow road past the northern end of Lake Häckeberga. Turn right past the castle. Park at a parking on the east side of the road. Is already several cars there. A hazy day. The autumn colors are diffuse. Following the trail clockwise along the lakeshore.

A pair of walking the dog. They turn where the trail becomes muddy at the marsh south of the lake. The bridges over the streams are slippery from the moisture. Autumn splendor. Mountanbikecyclists drive up. You get to jump aside. The path becomes even more muddy of them.

Improved through beech forest. Out on the small road lined with large ferns. Out on the gravel road west of the lake. Following it to the north. After a house into the path in the woods.

Along the lake again. Between the fence to pasture and lake. The northern part of the lake is walked on the narrow road. Watch out for cars. The castle looming in the south. Coffee by the lake. A bunch of joggers passing on the road.

Below are three hikes around Lake Häckeberga, they should be seen as a unit. I will not repeat all the things in the diary from the tour.

October 28, 2012: Around the lake.
Third time I manage. Today I have time to calmly walk around the entire lake. Superb weather. Many others have come to the area. Parking lots are nearly full. The lake is glassy. I go counterclockwise, survives the narrow road north of the lake. Entering the path along the lake. Meet a man who had been photographed the castle's reflection in the lake. He is an artist amd will make a painting with the castle as motif. Passing the tree that had fallen over the fence. Enjoying the reflections in the lake. A couple passes me. Coming up to the corner with the stile where I went yesterday. Coming to a wide path through a beech forest. Below shows the wetland at the lake. The path ends at a gravel road.

I take south on the gravel road. The road pass on a stone arch bridge over a brook from Skoggård meadows to the west. Before the bridge, I give into the forest and follow the feed to the meadows. At the meadows is a small dam in the stream. Jump, with some effort I jump over the creek. Easier to use the bridge. After the arch bridge is a path into the beech forest. I have before me the couple, they must have paused somewhere. Behind me, families with children. I have a nice view of the lake from my path through the beech forest. Ops, that is a dead end, a marsh. The couple turns to walk around it. But there should be a path through the swamp? Sure, I find out and give me out on it in the wetland. It was cold last night, and the ground is frozen. Stone leads the way through the reeds. It is only twenty meters, then I am in the forest again. Passing the RAs tent camp. The families with children follow, but stops somewhere before. I sit down at the lake for lunch. In the shadow is the night's newly formed ice still on the lake.

Return to the trail. Encountering a couple with a terrain stroller. The stroller can manage even the narrow bridges over the creeks. The trail winds along the wetlands. streams are passed on footbridges, creeks are decorated with autumn fallen leaves. Walk between fields and and wooded shores of the lake. Here and there are fireplaces. Also disposable barbecues, one have the energy to drag them out in the wild, but not not to take them from there as well? My car has got company.


October 27, 2012: Northern part.
Park in the parking lot who one find just south of the entrance to Häckeberga castle. There are already many out in the good weather. Following the road north. The lake is blank. Going along the road north of the lake. It runs along the lake, narrow and curvy and you have to watch out. The lake is not natural, the way is on a dam embankment. Along the way, there are sluice gates. Where the road leaves the lake are stiles, one to pasture and to a path that follows the lakeshore. I choose the latter.

The path goes along the fence to the pasture. Passing the places where the pasture goes down to the water. Here and there are openings in the fence. The leaves have got their autumn color. Take a detour on the hills in the pasture and to get an overview. Then I go down to the path again. Häckeberga castle is mirrored in the calm water. Walking under the beech autumn. The trail leaves the lake where the shore becomes wetland. Go beneath branches that extend into the pasture, foliage stands out on the trail. A tree has fallen over the path and fence. I climb awkwardly over it and into the paddock. Going up on the hill and get a view of the lake and the ridge Romeleåsen. Excellent place for a late lunch.

In the corner of the forest is a passage to a wide path. Time is running out, the path, I have to explore it more at a later time. I hurry back the same way, but have time to enjoy the reflections in the water. A fallen tree trunk looks like two with its reflection.


October 12, 2012: Southern part.
It is a beautiful autumn day. Drive to Lake Häckeberga to see how the fall advance. Maybe the wolf that is said to be in Skåne made it there? Maybe I'll see deer? A red kite hovering over the fields? Drive past the castle and park in a parking space along the road. At the lake there is a path, follow it south. The trees are starting to turn to colorful autumn clothes. A squirrel scurries up a tree, stop and studying me carefully, then disappears rapidly into the tree crown. In the north, looming castle, the islands shift to beautiful autumn color. Walk along the edge of a field, glimpsed some deer, they've already seen me and they disappear too. The path goes past the wetlands found south of the lake, three streams are crossed on bridges. Coming into a beech forest. The leaves are on fire.

Where is the trail? Seeing some wheel track that I follow. What is this? A camp. 'RA adventure and Development' has been here many years, an adventure camp. This explains one of the organizers for me. I have not seen or heard of it before. A group is sitting around the campfire. I go back in the wheel tracks and comes to a forest road with parking. The road ends at a gravel road. Across the road is a wetland, Skoggård meadows. They have been used as a water reservoir, for hay production, and peat mining. A nice area. My adventure is over and I have to hurry back. Taking the same path back, north of the lake will be for another day.

Häckeberga castle
RA adventure