Häckeberga kvarn
at Höjeå outside Genarp are the remains of a mill, mentioned for the first time 1624. It consists today of several foundations and a paved channel.

October 15, 2011: Parks in the parking lot at Ekevallen in Genarp. It's a beautiful day and many are out. Strolling east off the path the short distance to Höjeå. Here lies the ruin of Häckeberga mill. Also called Vann (=water) mill. A water mill which was first mentioned 1634. There was a mill and sawmill, and a courtyard with houses, stables, barn, outbuildings. The residential building was demolished in the 1950s. The foundation of the mill is still there, from the other houses are small remnants of the basics. There are picnic tables and barbecue place. I look around and down. The water from Höjeå passed to the mill in the water channel. After the water had done the work it is headed back to the river again. At the ruin is half a mill wheel.

I follow the paved channel through the forest. At one point it flows quietly and calmly, and this is where water plants have taken root. Where the channel meet Höjeå in the beautiful beech forest is a pedestrian bridge. Where the channel connects to Höjeå is a sort of dam. The trees reflecting in the river. Going over the bridge, coming to a bridge over Höjeå. The river disappears into the greenery, the trail runs up the slope above. Coming to the meadow across from the mill. Sit down and eat lunch and rest for a while. Moving on to the larger bridge over the river. The autumn colors have been established. Going over the bridge. Taking a quick step to the side. Mountain Bike Riders pass by on the bridge. Damn it! Why not ride more slowly just here where many moves?

In a wishful dream tree hang wishes. Linus wants a cat, I understand him.