Glorias Äppelgård
apple orchard just north of Lund. Shop and cafe with products based on apples.

October 30, 2011: Autumn is in full swing, the leaves of trees dance colorful to the ground. Bikes to Glorias Äppelgård on Ladugårdsmarken north of Lund. Takes the land routes across the fields, it is muddy and difficult to bike. The last part I lead the cycle until the gravel road and the gate to the apple farm. Sets the cycle at the building that houses a café and shop. The shop sells a variety of apple products, including beautiful red apple mulled wine made of paradise apples. A table is covered, it will later be tasting of this year's news. Studying the apple menu, examples are shown. Selects apple bread with brie cheese and apple marmalade, and a bottle of apple must. Sit down and enjoy it.

Gives me then out among the apple trees to photograph the fall. Most apples are picked but some apples are left hanging. Row on row of apple trees. Many lines. Hanging apples, fallen apples, colorful apples. Sorry, can not the apple varieties. On a place, it has grown corn. Stroll around a long time until it's time to go back to the cafe, where there is now a Latin American concert. It's time to unveil this year's news. Marmalades, jams, farm must in 2011 by this year's apples. Buy a bottle of this year's must. Can not resist a bottle of Vikindio (own version of Argentine chimichurri), made from apples. Should be good for salmon, I will have it tonight. Outside is the farm's corn grilled, served for tasting with different kinds of herb butter. Bikes home to my salmon dinner, with Vikindio and the farm must, a feast.

May 16, 2009: The city has a "tourist home" weekend. In the center is also an house occupation festival, there'll be trouble, so there can one not be. Bikes instead northward, says hello to my marl moat, continue on the gravel road through Ladugårdsmarken. Where the road turns ninety degrees west, I take then east on a small road, after a few hundred meters north on a bumping smaller road. Coming out at the gate to Gloria apple farm. It is open today. Apple blossom welcomes me. I set the cycle at the shop and café. Gloria offers the thirty first guests coffee and apple cake, I am among the thirty. Tastes good. Talking to Gloria, it is always nice. Admire her son's apple blossom pictures. I look into the shop, I buy buckthorn and apple jelly. Another guest is out and bikes on the special bicycle tour around here in the north. I walk around all the apple trees, admire and photograph the apple blossom. Plagiarized one of Gloria's son's pictures, although his is better. Light rain and wind complicates. Bikes back to the gravel road, follow it west to a pond. A swan couple have their nest on the island. I must lead the cycle along the pond. From the dam leads Ladugårdsmark trail south towards the city through a cultivated landscape. A stunning yellow rape field is along the trail. On the jelly does it say that it fits with cheese. Back home I have the cheese Bengtson's special, Digestive biscuits, a half bottle of wine, and Gloria jelly. Delicious.


Glorias Äppelgård