Borgeby castle
at Lödde river dating from the early Middle Ages. Port tower from the 1200s. Stable buildings from the 1700s. Museum of the artist Ernst Norlind.

August 28, 2014: At Borgeby castle has been built along Lödde river an accessibility adapted boardwalk.
It runs a few hundred meters along Lödde river. As made for a picnic in a beautiful summer evening. The boardwalk goes below the view with famous love poems. There stands today a tent and flower urns on the platform. Paddlers passing on the river. Where the boardwalk begins is a canoe place (canoes can be rented at the castle), from there go east a path surrounded by trees. After a few hundred meters you will come to pasture with a pond, where some herons can be seen. A flock of birds taking off, flying around and landing again. Too long away to see what it is. The trail continues up to the church. From there back to the castle on a cut grass path surrounded by nettles.

25 July 2013: Ernst Norlindmuseum, cafe, etc..
Ernst Norlindmuseet in Borgeby castle has limited open hours. Last time I was there, it was closed (see below). I have looked up the website, today it is open. After a few warm, sunny days, today it is overcast and light rain passes by. The artist Ernst Norlind married Hanna who owned the castle, and they made the castle into a cultural center around 1900. The gate tower is an Ernst Norlind museum. There is a narrow steep staircase, it is difficult to adapt an old castle. Ernst stands as cardboard figure and greet you. He was known for his stork paintings, he painted them because they sold well. Texts tell about him, in a quote he talks about his stork technology. He painted other things as well. One room housed his studio. There are a lot of other things, a stork, an eagle watches over a dinner table. On one floor is the son Staffans paintings. Not as interesting, I think, that has no major art talent to speak of. It also has temporary exhibitions, this time Bo Ahlström, no one I know of. Rather abstract but colorful. In the main building are also temporary exhibitions.

Coffee time. The cafe is a few steps down into the main building. One must beware the head, the doorway is low. One does not have to go down, it is best as an outdoor cafe. Lavender Cake, that I will have. A female company puts an end to them. I'll take a chocolate cake with cardamom cream instead and sit down outside. The chairs are wet by the recent rain, sit on a plastic bag. Modestly, nice and friendly it is. A company arrive per bike. In the corner has Blomsterfén opened a shop, with flowers and flower binding. At Lödde river is a lookout with love poems. A road goes down to a holding place for canoes. You can rent at the cafe. A family comes paddling, experienced paddlers, but the son has become a little wet.

I drive to my Big stone beach north of Barsebäckshamn.

August 17, 2012: The castle, cafe.
Drive from Stävie against Löddeköpinge. One then pass Borgeby castle. Cafes and open states a sign at the castle. Drive in and park. The castle dates back to the early Middle Ages. Port Tower is the oldest from 13th century is the oldest part. The castle has changed and become smaller over time. Outside are lovely old stables from the 1700s. I feel the history as I go through the gate in the medieval tower. One need not go through the gate, the castle is now only the tower, a main house and a lone tower. The cafe is housed in the main building, a few steps down in the basement. It is pleasant to sit out in the courtyard. Sitting in the shade with coffee and a cinnamon bun. The cake offer is somewhat limited.

The artist Ernst Norlind married Hanna who owned the castle, and they made the castle into a cultural center around 1900. The gate tower is an Ernst Norlind museum, it is not open every day and closed today. In the park are tools for a playful pentathlon. Children seem amused. From a tree hanging swings, that I dare not up in. In the lone corner tower is an ongoing photo exhibition of old photos from Borgeby history. It's probably there temporarily. In the main building is an ongoing art exhibition, currently featuring paintings, ceramics, graffiti. The castle has new owners, nice they to try to create life in it.

I finish the coffee and proceed to my bath in Barsebäckshamn.

Borgeby castle
Norlind museum