Blå Cafeet
south of Lomma is a lunch restaurant and café with view of Öresund. Seafront promenade to Lomma.

27 June 2012: A warm and sunny day. I do not manage a longer excursion. My wound from the meeting with a bonehead in Kämpinge heal poorly and I do not go swimming with it. Take the bus to the Blue cafe south of Lomma. The bus is full of swimmers, the driver order an extra bus. I change the bus in Lomma, get off at Mellangården. Here is the Blue Café, as it should be in a blue building. There is a dance floor, read that on Wednesday evening is dancing. There are daily specials and a la Carte. Featured today is roasted karre for 70 crowns. This includes a salad buffet and tea. It is not the weather to sit inside, sit in the shade on the patio overlooking Öresund.  There is a breeze from the sea, cool and comfortable. The patio is filled slowly with lunch guests. The food is simple home cooking and good for its price. I'm enjoying the view and the food.

It remains the most difficult, that in the heat go along the beach to Lomma. I walk down the lawn to the beach to Strandstråket, a promenade along the sea up to Bjärred. South is the shoreline, with access not allowed this time of year. Avocet nest here, now they already move south. That and other things I can read on the information boards. Waterfowl like it here because it is shallow. Today, it is low tide, there is a shortage of birds today, instead it is bathers wading far out to get it waist-deep. Small dunes are filled with sunbathing people. Also the beach is packed with sunbathers, white, brown, red. Many'll have a tough night. I'm looking up every little shade I can find. The geese swim lazily in the ponds. At the jetty before the port is it deeper. Most people are located on the beach and get fried. Feel for a bath, but do not want any infection in the wound. Instead I cool myself with an ice cream at the kiosk. Strolling with the ice cream past pleasure boats in the harbor. The sun is blazing, but I have not fallen. At home it will be a cold shower.

Blå Caféet
My walks at Strandstråket