east of the Södra Sandby is a wooded stream valley with a mighty old twisted beech.

March 9, 2014
Sets the car in the parking lot north of Måryds nature reserve. Go past the first pond and up on Måkullsbacken with its fine views. At its foot is a beautiful twisted beech. Walking down the slope with juniper against Boijsens ponds. In a trees hang a swing from a branch, Can not help but try it. Wonderful. The child in one is having fun. At Boijsens ponds have a larger party with children an outing. The road passes Måryds farm. By the way, growing ferns, on the field south is a herd of deer. Turn left at the junction at Måryds farm.

After a stream, we take a short cut across a field, follow the edge of the forest to a pond where the bulrushes take the help of the wind and flies away. Go over the dam. North is a wetland. Head north along the forest edge against arable land. In the west, the stream is forming a valley. A row of trees stand out among the fields. Then we are at the target, Abusaboken.

A big old twisted beech. One branch has fallen. The crown sprawl in all directions, the branches twist. It is marked as retention trees # 262 Lund. A nice place for lunch. The sun is shining and it's the hottest day of the year. A kite lookout for prey. Moving on down the valley.

Sinks extends on the slope down, it resembles hollows. Roads of past. At the stream in the valley, it is swampy and frizzy. Wading it to try the other side. The hillside this side is open pasture. Following the stream to a pond. Goes back to the other side of the pond, the dam is full with rose thickets that grabs one.

Walking through the forest. Babbling brook, welcome the spring. Passing a twisted beech. Ramson leaves start to show. Coming back to the pond. Returning via Boijsens dams, have coffee with a view of the big pond. Going over Måkullsbacken back to the parking lot.