wellknown nationalpark south of Kivik. View, beach, nature.

March 24, 2019: Kortelshuvud
Almost empty in the parking lot. Overcast and chilly wind. Follows the trail Kortelshuvudslingan up through the deciduous forest. Wood anemone barely in bud. The most green is the moss on the stones. Passing the stone foundation of a building, wondering what it can have been used for. Upwards until you reach the Kortelshuvud. Here is a view of Stenshuvud, the heaths and the sea. Overcast and slightly hazy today.

The path continues down through the Hornbeam forest. Coming down to the heaths, follow something similar to an old cow path to Rörum's northern river. Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem bloom on the ridge. Leaves from wild garlic. Along a footbridge, Alternate-leaved Golden-saxifrag blooms. Passing an abandoned apple orchard. Leaving the trail, follows the river. At a bridge bloom wood anemone. Past the heaths and a pine grove down on the beach.

A cyclist, some strollers. At sea, a grebe. Three Vn with a total of about 50 cranes are collected, transformed into a V and disappearing loudly trumpeting over Stenshuvud. Jump over Hollabäcken on the shore. A man wonders if we have seen something interesting. "No Liverleaf!" I complain. "They grow in the forest behind Naturum". Going over the heather on the other side of Krivarebäcken. Possible burial mounds. Not many Liverleaves. Starts clearing up. Drive to Svabesholm and eat Sunday lunch.

June 8, 2018: The lighthouse
Plenty of space in the parking lot. The orchids are in full bloom on the meadow next to the track down to the beach. Amounts of orchids, including Lesser Butterfly-orchid. The beach is almost empty. From Krivareboden, an old fishing spot, we walk the track between Stenshuvud and the sea. Through forest, here and there open to the sea. Bitwise stony track. Passing the gate of the giant, which is an opening between cliffs, there has been a forge from the time when breaking stone from the mountain. Of that it remains stone walls. Coming to the lighthouse. Built in 1916 for coastal traffic. Today a sort of memorial. Big stones on the track to the lighthouse. Small white lighthouse. Nice place. Returning. The last bit on the sandy beach in the waterfront. Coffee. Cooling bath. Not a lot of people. Some men are bathing with their clothes on. Staying on the way home in Skåne Tranås and eating galette on Madame Blå. Charming place and good.

October 15, 2017: Summit
The road to Stenshuvud is changed. Going now outside a farm that one used to drive through. The dormouse lost their path. One has built a bridge so that it can climb over the road for its love meetings. Hope it works.

Many cars in the parking lot at Naturum. A beautiful autumn day. Goes the path through the forest up to the summit of Stenshuvud. 99 meters above sea level. Passes a rest of a fortress. Dated to the 500's. What appears is a long low embankment. The summit is three tops. South, East and North. Nice views from everyone. To the south an almost empty beach. In east a peaceful sea. From northern a forest in autumn colors. Walk a more difficult path down from the north peak back to the main path.

Take off at "torvälta", where it was prepared peat. Over pasture to the sea. Inviting to have a swim, but no naked baths here.

June 19, 2016: The wild flowers today
A guided tour of the Stenshuvud. Low attendance. Nine interested gathered outsode Centre. Following the purple trail through the woods from the south of the parking lot.

In a stream grows liverwort. Herb-Robert, do not smell as bad as the name. The areas are kept open by grazing, otherwise they get over grown. Thorny shrubs helps tree seedlings from being eaten. common lady's mantle dew is not the dew but a fluid which it secretes. Common cow-wheat flowering. Nuts were not allowed to pick, belonged to the landowner as food for pigs. Therefore, they are not included in The Right of Public Access.

Coming out on the sandy steppe towards the sea. A tough place to grow. Low-growing plants, wild thyme and yellow stonecrop. hawkweed blade pushes against the ground. Many Jasione Montana. Some Anthericum liliago.

Between the steppe and sandy beach will find al water, there flows water from the porous sandy steppe. Honeysuckle blossoms in large stocks. Some Lathyrus japonicus.

Goes up to orchid meadow below the Visitor Centre. A small stocks of Dianthus arenarius. Many orchids. Among other things, greater butterfly orchid. When it's over blossomed on the meadows the cattle is released. All in order to maintain the meadows. Maiden Pink is about to flower. Thank the guide.

Buying ice cream in the kiosk. Then a private visit to some of the sites. Go up on the hill with rocks at the sandy steppe with views of the sea. Cake buffet at Cafe Annorlunda before departure.