Sjörups kyrka
northwest of Ystad, was built around 1150-70. It became too small in the 19th century and fell into disrepair. During the 1930s and onwards, the church was renovated.

August 29, 2021
Drive past Blentarp towards Sjörup. On a meadow in front of Blentarp's church, flocks of storks. There is a stork fence some distance away. Just over a week ago, we did not enter Sjörup's church, even though it was supposed to be open, we did not get the door open. We were then here to look at the runestone that stands by the gate. Asked via email if the church was locked, but it was open. It was just that the door jammed, we were too careful. Today when we arrive the parking lot is almost full. It is infant baptism in the church. We walk around the church and look at some old tombstones. Sit outside the base of the armory and waits for the baptism to end. Guests stream out.

The church was built around 1150-70, ith extensions during the Middle Ages. It became too small in the 19th century and a new one was built in Södra Vallösa. The inventory was auctioned off and the church fell into disrepair. Therefore, there are inventories from recent times. During the 1930s and onwards, the church was renovated. In front of the choir is a decorated table for the baptism. In front of the choir and in the choir are large tombstones. On the north wall there is a diffuse painting depicting a male figure blowing in a horn, it is painted directly on a stone. Next to it is a painting that resembles a wheel. On the north side there was an entrance for the women, now walled in but the contour has been preserved. There are no windows to the north. At the entrance is a guest book by lit candles.

We thank the church leader who is remover things after the baptsims away. Then we drive to Abbekås and Bongska huset and drink cappuccino with a good sandwich.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.441239, 13.635441