Simris strandängar
nature reserve north of Brantevik, dry meadows and marshes with rich flora. On the rocky hills there are ripple marks, 500 million years old solidified waveforms in the sandy sea bottom of the past.

May 20, 2018
Parks first at the rock carvings at Horshällen. Realize that there is a parking further south to the reserve. A stile leads one on to the meadows. Here there should be Fen Orchid and Marsh Helleborine. We are too early for them.

Go south on the path, past dry meadows and marshes. A lonely poppy blossom. Overblown Pasqueflower . Buttercups, Meadow Saxifrage and Cuckooflower. Some single orchids. A big field with Bird's-eye Primrose. Also Water Avens. A stock with Common Butterwort. Much of what I think is Common Cottongrass. Large area with Bogbean.

The coast is rocky. In the south are the ripple marks. The wave movement created wave patterns in the sand for 500 million years ago when this was the seabed. The patterns were superimposed rapidly and solidified. The sediment has been eroded and now you can see the solidified ripple marks.