Rydsgårds skog
north of Rydsgård with a four kilometer walking trail past a rune stone and a view.

May 5, 2013: Coming from Rydsgårds manor and drive north, it's just after the manor a parking lot at the pond Karpadammen. From here, two walking trails: runestone  and the view. It is possible to combine them. I'm starting to go the runestone trail towards the manor past the pond. Comfortable trail in the forest among the anemones. It is less than a kilometer until you will see  the runestone, Southern Villie stone. It was moved in the 19th century to its current location. It stands beautifully at the lake with Rydsgård manor across the lake. It turns the side with runes toward the lake. It is a human height hefty stone with the inscription that speaks to me from the 10th century:

Kata made these stones after Sven, Ballungs son, her husband. He was the first among "tägnar".

"Tägn" maybe was a military title for men in the king's service. This can I read on the sign at the stone. The inscription is painted, otherwise the runes would be difficult to see.

It is a terrible noise among the geese on the lake. A buzzard oversees it all. Bird-in-a-bush bloom. It's a nice day. I proceed on the path along the lake. Coming up to a forest road, where I take to the right and follow the road. Butterbur bloom. Coming to an intersection. Runestone trail turn right. I ask two women who come walking with dogs, if I continue straight do I then come to the view. I do so, so then I take the road straight ahead past a smaller pond. At a turning place is a path through a former pasture, where the gate is removed. Walking through the paddock on the path, coming out at the turning point of another forest road. Following the road, meet a couple with a dog, the road turns sharply right. Going uphill. Something unknown is about to flower.

After a while I am at the view point. I sit down on a somewhat dilapidated bench, and look far out over the plains to the south. Continuing on the road. Shortly before reaching the highway is a path back to the parking lot. There stands a beautiful jaguar. I eat lunch at Karpadammen before I drive home.