Nedraby kyrkoruin
south of Tomelilla. Erected in the 1200s. Was abandoned in 1635. The last pastor grave stone's are in the tower. Some other old tombstones. The ruin is today used for baptisms, weddings, funerals.

August 7, 2016
Coming from the north on highway 19, take the east into the second road after Benestad. At a farm is a dirt road to the east. Just before the railway is Nedraby church ruin. There is a car park beside the road. A grass path leads up to the ruin.

The church was built around 1250, built of limestone. Located on a small hill. The tower is later, from the 1400s. In the 1600s, could the small congregation not afford the church and priest. The church was in poor condition. When the priest Peder Christiansen Morsanius died in 1635 was the parish split between adjacent parishes and the church fell into disrepair. The priest's tombstone is behind bars in the tower. What remains today is a tower and foundation to the longhouse and porch. The Church is not abandoned, it is used for wedding, baptism and burial. In the tower is a baptistery. A small bell hanging in the tower. Give a contribution to the church's maintenance of a stock offerings.

In the grass is some old barely legible tombstones. Adjacent to the ruin is a new headstone. In the southeast corner is an overgrown planting, perhaps a memorial? Looking for old tombstones in the cemetery wall, will not find any. A butterfly spreading its wings.

Drive to Övraby church. There meatballs and pastries on "Hey Hey" (Hallå Hallå) Fritidsbaren in Ystad sandskog. Short walk along the sea.