at Sankt Olof on Österlen. Well sprung at the site where a maid was killed by a rejected knight.

September 14, 2013
From Sankt Olof well, just south of the church in Sankt Olof, is a path into the woods. At the beginning of the trail is a handwritten sign "The Virgin Spring 275m follow the white sticks" and an information board. The well sprang up on the spot where a maid was murdered by a rejected knight. The trail is marked with white markings on sticks.

One must keep ones eyes open, where the path forks follow a path I follow a path marked as pilgrim trail. The white stick trail follow instead the edge of a pasture. Coming out on a forest road, see no markings. I spread out myself, left, straight ahead into the woods, right on the road. There is a water body in a swamp. But nothing resembling a well.

Spots a faint trail going north just after where I came out on the road. Follow it, there is a white stick! Following the trail and there lies the well, "Källan" it says on a piece of wood nailed on the tree next to the well. It lies on the slope down to the marsh. Once there was a stone snake around the well. The knight's punishment was that he was petrified to a snake. A passing priest finally freed him from the curse and the knight's soul found peace. Now there is a stone border around the small well. Make it company with my lunch. Back do I find my way, even without a white stick.