Sankt Olofs källa
holy well a few hundred meters south of the church in Saint Olaf in Österlen. Was a center of Sankt Olof cult.

September 14, 2013
Park at the church parking in Sankt Olof. Just west of the church is a gravel road down to a farm. The road runs at first along the cemetery wall . At a half-timbered house is a sign that shows to a grass walking around the farm. There, at the end of the lawn at the edge of a grove of trees lies the well, flanked by pasture. In a pasture goes cows. In the east, bordering the farm.

The well is beautifully paved with stones. A staircase leads down to the water. At the bottom is a ring of stones around the water. The well is split into two parts, the one towards the forest leads to one of nettles dominated opening in the forest. There do I not walk.

Sankt Olof is St. Olaf Haraldsson who was king of Norway, which he christened with the heavy-handed methods. He was killed July 29, 1030 in the Battle of Stiklestad in central Norway. His holiness proved by miracles that took place at his tomb . In the Middle Ages became the well a pilgrimage spot, one sacrificed money and food for the health and prosperity. The main day was Olof Day on July 29. On the information plate it says "We found midday entire well filled with these products, so the water was pretty fat from it and however people still sat around the well and drank from it."

Lately pilgrim has become popular. Skåne is crossed by the pilgrim routes, one passes the well. The Church is a pilgrim church. Another well in Skåne are named after Saint Olaf, St. Olaf well in Hallaröd .