Hammars backar
the ten kilometer Kåseberga ridge offers hills and towards the sea a steep cliff coastline, views towards the sea and land.

August 12, 2012: After having viewed Ales stones, I decide for a walk on Hammar slopes. I climb with some effort over the stile from Ales stones, my balance and movement is not the best anymore. A boy bounces over it. I get jealous. Hammar backar, or Kåseberga hills, I do not know if one is part of the other or if it's the same thing. Formed at the last ice age when the ice receded, since then the  sea has eaten and created steep slopes. From the slopes there are views over sea and land. Sand martin have their nest in the slope, the fly in and out. Do they still have kids? A flock of seagulls take off and head out over the water. It is a pleasant walk on flat ground. Every now and then interrupted by a hollow or a stile. There are a lot of withering viper's bugloss, some blooms still or maybe it is again.

Down on the grass where the slope start are some sheds. The sea glitters, behind me is the winding path on the hill. Down there on the grass, some have put their tents. Inland, the view stretches far across the agricultural landscape. I go over a stile and follows the edge of a pasture. Viper's-bugloss grow on the embankment. Dwarf Thistle bloom. I bend down and take a picture, loses balance and put my hand straight on a thistle. It feels! Hikers passing by, they seem to smile at my failure. Coming up to a hollow. Down in the water are cows. The view is magnificent, also against the country side. Time passes, this will be my turning point. Strolling back to Ales stones, where more tourists have arrived.

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