nice fishing village east of Ystad offering fish restaurant with shop, view of the sea, and Ales stones.

August 12, 2012: Taking the bus to Kåseberga. It is one of the last days the bus goes this summer. There are yet no rush at this time of the morning. The large parking lot at the entrance to the village is still relatively empty. It will probably be filled with visitors, mainly to the stones of Ales stones. One of Sweden's most popular tourist destination. The bus stop is at the beginning of the village. It's a nice little village, with small houses and hollyhocks. I walk down the hill towards the harbor. In the east do the ridge dips steeply to the beach. Once a fishing village, but I wonder if there is any fishing to speak of today.

Down in the harbor there is a small parking. Outside the summer season is there usually place to park. Kåseberga with Ales Stones is a typical summer outing. It's a short season for the restaurants, cafes, fish smokehouse with store. Is it a rainy summer it must be hard to survive for them. A staircase leads up to Ales stones lying on the hill above the harbor. I give up for a visit and a walk west on Hammar's slopes. It's a while since I last walked the ridges. The trail Skåneleden goes through the village. Read (in swedish) about my walks and see pictures of them at:
Nybrostrand - Kåseberga
Sandhammaren - Kåseberga

From the top you have a view of the harbor. When I get back from my walk, it's time for a late lunch. Should I eat delicious on Vendel restaurant (which later closed down) or simple on fish smokery serving tent. It end with that I stand in a queue to the tent for a fried herring with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. It's a free table perched on the hillside overlooking the harbor. Hm, it soon becomes full. With wasps. Lingonberry jam was a mistake. I do not fight with the wasps, compromise with them. They get lingonberry jam and I herring and potato mash.

There is said to be a sea search and rescue museum in Kåseberga, which I have to skip. My bus is going home soon. On the way up from the port I have time with a short moment with a cat. At the bus stop is a gallery, Gallery K, have time for a short visit to see fine paintings. Through the bus window, I see that the parking lot has been filled.

Kåseberga fisk
Galleri K
Visit Löderup