water mill in Verkaån, and scenic spot with several waterfalls with a total drop of 23 meters.

September 9, 2011: To Hallamölla is a narrow dirt road, you can not meet two cars here. It is a popular excursion spot, there is quite a large car park. Here is a water mill, which operated with the grinding of grain up to 1949. Has been a mill on the site since the Middle Ages. It still works and is exhibited at some time in the summer. It is a beautiful half-timbered building. The falls in Verkaån is counted as Skåne's highest waterfall in terms of total vertical drop, a total of 23 meters which is divided into a number of smaller waterfalls. Immediately downstream of the house is a barely visible path down through the greenery to the edge of the river and the waterfall next to the house. Upstream, the water from another waterfall is partly led in a channel into the mill house. A millwheel has the role of picnic tables. I sit on the rocks and eat lunch with the water rushing and the sound of it as company. A yellow bird pass by. A gray wagtail? Did not have time see it good enough.

Further upstream is the uppermost waterfall, not so high. There is a bridge over it to the other side. The river is quite upstream from the bridge. Walk on the path in the woods on the other side to find a good view. Not easy with all the greenery. More than I who has been looking, paths going to and fro on the slope down to the river. Today it's just me here, wrong I see now I am not completely alone a man is on the other side of the house. Go over the bridge again. Further downstream of the house, I think I see a path through the greenery. Sure, you come down to the river, from where you can see the last waterfall, then the river continue as quietly as it came.