northwest of Simrishamn on Österlen. Swimming and hiking in the lush forest around the lake.

July 8, 2012: Use the Skånetrafiken summer card, which provides free jurneys June 15 to August 15, and go to Simrishamn to spend the weekend with friends north of Simrishamn. On Saturday, the sea and sky together join in a blue-gray unit. Cup bowls in the "Meeting stone" in Baskemölla are full of water after the rain. On Sunday, the sun shines and it is warm. We drive to Gyllebo lake. Passing along the way the bakery Kin in Östra Vemmerlöv. Buy cinnamon buns and bread with nettles. After a visit to the castle ruins at Gyllebo castle, we park at the beach on the northeast corner of the lake.

Begin by going Sjöstigen four kilometers around the lake. At first on the dirt road through beautiful forest. At a stream is a sign "Kvarnstigen", a hundred meters up the creek are the remains of a mill. Along the road, are barbecue places at the lakeshore. Leaving the road for a path along the lake. Wet areas have footbridges, slippery after the rain. Past picnic areas with lake views. Reedbeds are reflected in the water. Signs show the way at the crossroads. Continued nice walk on the trail, arriving at a barbecue area with a jetty. It is possible to swim here. Taking a break on the jetty and admire the lake. Continuing our walk, touches a dirt road at the lake's outlet. Here is a trail Åsstigen 2 km, but it must be for another time. Then through the forest. Here is no direct contact with the lake, more than glimpses of swamp forest and water pools. Where the ground is wet is footbridge. Appearing on the road past Gyllebo castle. On the other side of the lake is a beautiful cottage. Are soon back at the beach.

Brave jumps from the diving tower, I'm not brave. I climb instead gently into the water from the bridge. The water goes to my throat, a bad upper arm muscle makes it hurt when trying to swim. Therefore only a brief dip. Enough for me. We do not have coffee with us to the cinnamon buns. Will have coffee when we arrive back "home".

Bakery Kin
The visit at the castle ruin
Gyllebo nature reserve