Gyllebo borgruin
castle was built around 1540 on a promontory in Gyllebo Lake northwest of Simrishamn. After several fires was the castle abandoned. Today walls remind about the castle.

July 8, 2012: At the gate of the castle Gyllebo it says "Private property. The ruins are open to the public Sundays 10:00 to 12:00. Please respect the open days". It is five to ten. Respecting time. Waiting to ten, then we enter. Go past the castle, built in the 1810s in the neoclassical stile. To the castle ruin, situated behind the castle, is a boarded trail. The castle was built around 1540 by Lauritz Knob. After several fires was it abandoned around 1740. What remains are the walls of the castle, once it was two stories high. It is beautifully situated at Gyllebo lake. The ruin looks well-maintained with flowers and lawn all around. Go into the fortress, something that may have been the courtyard. There are remains of the wall of small rooms, in a corner of the castle has it probably been a tower. The other end has higher remains, walls hidden behind ivy. The opening is decorated with rose-bloom. Inside the ivy clings to the walls. Goes around the castle. On the north side is a well. Towards the castle is also an entrance to the ruin. It's a beautiful day and a beautiful place, well worth a visit. Nice that the site is managed and available. Sneaking past the castle on the way out, the castle is a bit too big for me.

Gyllebo slott