east of Öved church is a hill of volcanic origin, with a steep wooded side to the lake Vassen. Here grow perennial honesty and Woodruff.

November 8, 2020
The sun is shining at home, the autumn fog has eased. Drive to Lake Vassen by Öved. Want to see the perennial honesty money silbercoin seed capsules. On the way there, the fog increases. Nice driveway to the church. Puts the car in the parking lot below the church. Walks through the cemetery to Mölledammen. The fog is over the water in the pond. Now that the greenery is do not obscure, you can see the outlet from the pond. Walks the small road along the pond. The edge towards the pond has been felled. Now that the greenery is not obscuring, you can see how nice the small stone bridge over the stream is. Follow the path to Vassen. The water is calm. Now that the greenery do not obscure, you can see the outlet from the pond.

As usual, we walk the path along the water and the precipice. The perennial honesty money silbercoin lights up. Leaves lie tight on the ground. High up on the slope, the cliffs can be seen. The other side of Vassen is half hidden in the fog. Beautifully. The fog cease. Swans glide by. Go to the eastern end of Vassen, where we turn. Much of the perennial honesty money silbercoin. Settles down on our tree trunk for a coffee break. Two companies pass by. One wonders what the "silber coins" flower is. We can explain. Stroll back the same way to the car.

May 21, 2020
Drive through the beautiful avenue towards Övedskloster. There are a lot of people there. We drive on to Öved's church and park. We hope that the rare perennial honesty will bloom by the path along Vassen. Walks through the cemetery to the gravel road. After Mölledammen to the right on a narrow gravel road. A strong scent of ramsons blooming in the forest on the right. A dog at a house barks at us. Walks without meeting any the path to Lake Vassen. Then a narrow path between the lake and the steep crater rim. As we hoped, the perennial honesty is in full bloom. So beautiful and with a pleasant scent. In some places there are large stands, in other single flowers. On the slope, there is a lot of Woodruff, but not much that blooms. But still a lot and beautiful. We can hear voices on top of the precipice. Out on the water ducks and swans. Most recently, all fallen trees across the path have been cleared. Arrive at Stenbrottsvägen. There we turn, coffee-hungry. Goes the path back. Sit down on a fallen tree trunk by perennial honesty. Have bought croissants at Eva's home bakery in Södra Sandby. The first of other people this beautiful spring day passes. We sit a little at the side of the path, best in corona times. Walk back towards Öved, meets a larger party. They do not want to keep their distance so we have to jump to the side towards the lake to let them pass. Sees several couples sitting in the sunshine and having coffee.

September 10, 2017
Park at Öveds Church. Crossing the cemetery on the way to Mölledammen. Plenty of water. Streaming under the bridge. Goes east on the road to Lake Vassen. Meet women with empty fungus baskets. We hope for better harvest. At the dam to Vassen, dragonflies make love. Walk the path between the Vassen and the edge of Frualid, a rest of a volcanic crater. The Sweet woodruff money-like seeds are starting to get ready. Much water in the inflow to the lake.

Coming to the road Stenbrottsvägen. Crossing to Brandstad, Krokhuset, Sydsten quarry and Öved. Looking for fungi in the woods along the way towards Brandstad. The forest in the south is tight, in the northern forest. At Hell Graves, the former the quarry, we go for a long time into the woods. Finds in the north a streaming brook. Looking in the pine forest west of the quarry. Coffee in a sunny glow. No sponge. Returns on Stenbrottsvägen to Sydsten quarry. "Entrance forbidden". In the forest is a skeleton. The head is a long-nose. In addition to a strong lower jaw. No eatable fungus.

Following the gravel road past Krokhuset. Looking in the woods next to the road. Nice little red sponge. To the south of Krokhuset is a pond. Located fine. Seeking fungus at the height south of the pond. Orange snail and purple sponge. Returning. Takes the way to Öved. Once a railroad. Takes north past Åsegården. Dogs bark. Following the farmland next to the edge of Vassen. Nice views. Some practice rock music in a local at the church. Talking to a father and son. They just happened to pass and saw a beautiful allé and church.

May 17, 2014 (published 24/6 2015)
A big American car with a flat tire is blocking the driveway to Öved church. Parks instead at Övedskloster. Go up to the church, through the cemetery. In the field behind the church flower rape. Goes the dirt road past the pond Mölledammen. A pheasant escape up to the height Frualid the east. Water lilies begin to blossom in the pond.

Before the lake Vassen is planted something, do not see what. On the north side of the lake reflecting in rape fields. An exciting path runs between the lake shore and the slope that was once volcanic crater. Lunaria rediviva stands in its splendor along the path. The slope is covered with sweet woodruff, about to bloom. Having lunch on a fallen tree trunk. Honesty's white money shine. In the lake's inflow are mirrored trees.

The trail leaves the lake, going up to a dirt road. There is space for one car. Turn right onto a barely visible path along the slope to the lake. It is steep down to the lake. This was once a volcano. Woodruff also here. Leaving the forest.

Go to the edge between rape and the wooded slope. On the slope bloom some variant of the Honeysuckle. The sun is shining, it's warm. Following rape field until the gravel road that leads past the church. Stopping in the shade of a lilac for coolness and water.

American car are gone. Stop at Sjögården coffee house north of Vombsjön. The coffee comes in a coffee pumpkin. A glass flask in birch bark can. Something I learn now that it's called. Waffle together with the coffee.

18 May 2012: Park the car at Övedskloster. Walk the road up towards Öved church, take right on the road that runs behind the church towards Frualid. From the road is a distant view of Vombsjön. Where the road bends 90 degrees to the right, I take in on a path between the field edge and shrubbery, to precipice down to lake Vassen. Vegetation obscures the lake, between the leaves of the trees, I can see the water glisten.

The trail runs along the edge. Frualid is a volcanic residual active 150 million years ago. It is a steep slope. Climbing down a bit in order to study a rock of volcanic origin, I believe. Oops! Barely I get up again. My main objective is to find Woodruff flowering, as it does in my garden at home. Slope is covered with it, but it is only in bud, some are about to flower. Yellow Archangel  flowers, a herb that resembles a robert.

Moving on the path, it starts to go down. It ends at a gravel road at an opening where one could park. from here is a path down to the lake. That I have gone before, and then I did not find the trail up to the edge of the precipice. If you stand on the gravel road and look towards the "parking lot" so it is to the right in there. I take the path down to the lake to the right of the "parking". There blooms something, I've not seen before. When I get home I look it up, Lunaria rediviva. Meets an older man, 85 years old, who are out walking. Great to even at that age one can be out on adventures. "You'll have to die somewhere, why not at this beautiful place." This slope is covered with small stones. High up there are cliffs. Among the stones grow Woodruff. I walk up the precipice exploring it. Stupid of me. Almost up to the rock, the stones start to move. I and they make a small landslide. I fall, help, I survive. It was not the time to die in this beautiful place. Stick to the path.

Should know better. Calms me down with lunch sitting on a tree trunk that has settled over the trail. Moving on the path along the lake. The lake is dammed. In the west end is a floodgate. Returning to the car via the Mölledammen and Öved church.

See also my visit at Vassen.