with remnants of a water mill, wooded stream valley with waterfall and rolling hills nothwest of Simrishamn.

March 24, 2019:
Park in the parking lot to Sträntemölla nature reserve. Stiles leads over pasture into deciduous forest. The forest is hilly. The last part along the ravine to Rörum's south river is off due to fall risk. A short walk. There is a lot of water in the waterfall. Much more than last visit. It has rained a lot in March. Seems no traces of the mill mechanism. A pond, penstock and then the water drops in two stages. The water gate is fully open. A frog has awakened to life. Goes down to the waterfall. It rumbles.

Going up and continuing on the path to the open fields on the slopes towards Mandelmann's farm. From a height you can see the lonely tree, known from TV, and the sea. On the way back, a family with children has settled down and grills. Smells of lighter fluid long way.

28 Aug 2010: Just south of Rörum at Österlen, along the road to Gärsnäs, is Sträntemölla located. Sträntemölla is a well-preserved water mill, but also a nature reserve. At the road is a parking lot to the nature reserve. A stile leads into a pasture, I pass the pasture, and then on a path through a mighty beech forest with small valleys. The path goes to Forsemölla at Rörum South River, 'Warning Dangerous precipice' it says. Steep is it down to the creek. A pedestrian bridge allows me cross the creek. Here is one of Skåne's highest waterfall. Utilized to a water mill at one time. Stone buildings, walls, water channel are memories since that time, and upstream is a dam. At the stone house ends a narrow road that allows one to get here by car. Along the road are grassland. Above the waterfall is waiting a table and benches for me. Walk on a stairway down the slope to the waterfall. Wading into the creek to study it more closely. The water falls vertically a few meters and then continues as a calm and quiet creek through the woods. Goes up again. A path leads into the forest, asks a couple where it goes? Out on the pastures of Rörum Hills, and on to Mandelmann's farm where they are going to buy vegetables. I follow the path, over a stile, and I'm out on a rolling hilly landscape. Sheep and cows graze on the soft-shaped hills. Beautiful place. Returning to the waterfall, it is also a beautiful place. I sit at the picnic table and eat my lunch. Then breaks up, and go back through the beech forest. It is an important football match in Rörum waiting.

Football: Brantevik/Rörum Österlens FF - HIF 5-2