wetland at Christinehofs castle. On the footbridge over the water and on the ridge overlooking the wetland.

September 6, 2011 The road to Christinehofs castle is a fine avenue. Sets the car in the parking lot of the castle. Two dogs greet me. I'm talking to the two masters, they have been looking through binoculars in search of birds. They have only seen a heron. Around Borstakärret is a walking trail marked in blue. Begin trhough a grove up to the southern open marsh. A boardwalk winds its way across the water to an island with a platform. looking for birds for a while on the open beach edges. The men were right. Here is not a bird. Bridges takes me to the other side of the swamp. Tussocks are standing in water. Follows a path along the swamp, up to a low ridge. Over a stream, through a field, passing a gate.

I'm now at the northern swamp that is more overgrown. Open water can be glimpsed. Passing through beautiful forest, which opens up every now and then to have a view of the swamp. Out there is open water. A structure resembling a sort of shooting range. Bypasses a tree trunk used by birds and insects. Leans myself sitting against a beech tree and have lunch. Moving on through the forest, this is to me unknown fungus. Chanterelle is the only mushroom I can. This one is white. It is a short round, about 3 kilometers, arrive at the outlet of the swamp behind the castle. A heron swings out over the water. In one corner of the castle's lawn is a strange construction. A view, the project Carabus - play, learn and experience in nature. I sit on a bench and rest a while before the journey home.