Bjäresjö kyrka
northwest of Ystad was built in the 12th century. In the chancel and apse are chalk paintings in strong colors from the 13th century. The nave also has ceiling paintings, dating to the 14th century. Beautiful pulpit. With more.

16 June 2021
Have been to Åberg's garden & café outside Ystad to shop and have lunch. Drive on the way home past Bjäresjö church. Park by the church. At the gate are old tombstones. The visit is to see the runestone that stands by the church, Bjäresjöstenen. Before we leave, we feel at the church gate, to our surprise, the church is open.

Steps in. Above the entrance, Jesus shows a book with the letters alpha and omega (a and o) the beginning and completion of everything. A nice church. Some think it is Lund Cathedral in miniature. I do not know that. The church was built in the 12th century where the oldest parts are of yellowish sandstone. The stone tower is later, built in 1892. The passage is lined with beautiful bench gables, some have the year 1572 engraved, among the oldest in Skåne. On the south wall hangs an altarpiece from the 17th century. A beautifully decorated pulpit is also from the 17th century. The baptismal font is the oldest inventory, from the 12th century. In front of the chancel and the apse are chalk paintings in strong colors, they were made in the 13th century but were restored harshly in the 19th century. Beautiful anyway. In front hangs a late medieval crucifix. There are also ceiling paintings in the nave, dated to the 14th century. More obscure and not so restored. In front of the altar is a large tombstone in the floor.

Walks around the cemetery. At the apse is a plinth. At the apse roof there is a hammer band, made of wood with decorations, the decorations are difficult to see from where we stand. There are some old tombstones. In addition, a tombstone over the prince of Smolensk, strange. Looking at the sundial over the south entrance of the church that the time is getting late. Time to drive home.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.462221, 13.74998