Bjärsjölagård lime quarry
limestone was mined probably here in the Middle Ages to the church building. 1865 was lime kilns built at the castle. It was closed down in the 1940's. Today, the quarry is filled with water.

July 20, 2014
Park by Adam and Eve, limestone kilns at Bjärsjölagård Castle. Here one burnt lime is mined in the quarry southeast of the castle. Walk the highway eastward, after the castle is a narrow way south to the quarry. The road is blocked by a bar. There is space to put a car on the road early.

The quarry contains tracks from 420 million years ago when Skåne was at the equator just below the sea surface, with a lot fossils embedded. Go up on the hill west of the barbecue area. A heap of small stones from the time a quarry. The ground is hard, no prominent findings, manage to dislodge some rocks with trace.

Walk the path that goes behind the barbecue area through the forest to the limestone wall. Look among the loose stones. Greenery, pond, rock wall, a beautiful whole. On the top hang cliffs and trees out. A certain risk of collapse. Make some findings, a brachiopod?

Returning to the open space. Sitting under the shade of a tree and have lunch. Enjoy the nice weather. A couple on bicycles "disturb".

From the parking lot at the Adam and Eve is a gravel road to Beritzholm, the remains of an ancient fort. Go there and drink coffee on the slope towards what was moat. Enjoy the nice weather.

It is warm, end with a swim at the beach at the eastern Vombsjön. The parking lot is almost full.

December 25, 2011: I have set the car at the lime kilns Adam and Eve near Bjärsjölagård castle, and walk east along the road towards the quarry. After a few hundred meters leads a narrow, muddy today, road south into the forest. It ends at an opening at the water-filled quarry. Already during the Middle Ages was lime stone mined to church buildings. Lime was put over corpses after outbreaks to prevent spreading. More recently, during the decades around 1900, limestone was mined on a large scale to the lime kilns at the castle. On the other side, the rock wall drops steeply down towards the water. The wall is serrated.

Follows a clockwise path that I hope will take me around the quarry. It takes me into the woods, on a pedestrian bridge over a deep ravine. Uh, I get a little dizzy. A stile leads into a park-like forest. A fence prevents me from going to the edge of the quarry. Back over the stile, follow the fence to the edge. It is steep and narrow between the fence and the edge. Trees desperately keep themselves on the edge. Dare not go further, what if it collapses and I fall down? I would sink like a stone. Nobody knows I'm here, no one would miss me for a while. Would remain here and become a fossil, among others who are said to be here. The limestone was formed by a reef in the sea about 400 million years ago. Goes back into the park.

Follow the fence, it is bowed in one place. Climb over it. So steep and narrow here. Seems to be an overhang. Keeps me gently on my edge and look down along the cliff. Dare not go here so close to the edge. Stepping back and trying to find a way around the quarry, not obvious that it is so easy, so I return from where I came. Follow instead the water to the other end of the quarry. A wet path through the woods and I stand at the cliff wall. Trees are hanging over the edge. Looking for a while for fossils, find none. Time to go home.