Balkåkra kyrkoruin
the church was built in the 13th century. The tower is late medieval. The church was abandoned when one instead built Marsvinsholm church. Today the tower, walls and a vault remain.

December 26, 2019
Coming north from Marsvinsholm to Balkåkra. Sets the car on the grass east of the church ruin. The church was built in the 13th century, the tower is late medieval. Around 1800 a new church was planned in Marsvinsholm. The builder Eric Ruuth, however, went bankrupt, and died in 1820. He was buried in the "Ruutshka burial ground" among other owners of Marsvinsholm.
"Exc Mr. Grefve Eric Ruuth's Family Chart"

Marsvinsholm's church was not built until 1867. The tomb was sealed and the Balkåkra church was abandoned, but has later been restored a few times. Today, the tower, walls and tomb remain. The tomb is not in the style of the church. In to the tomb is a locked door. On the tower are the initials E C S and the year 1773. They stand for Eric's mother Ebba Christina Siöblad who in 1773 received the patronage right to Balkåkra.

Around the church are some old tombstones. Difficult to interpret. Inside the tower is a tombstone after the widower Mårten Jönsson 1782 - 1875. On the footstep into the tomb is a stone with neat text, unfortunately I can not interpret it. South of the church is a larger well-kept grave, farmer Anders Jonsson's family grave. Cool, cold, but you should visit a church at Christmas time.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.44692, 13.715717