is a dolmen from the period 4200-1800 BC. Located along the road between Snogeröd and Höör, just north of Klinta.

November 13, 2011: Just north of Klinta spices and green, along the road to Höör, is a dolmen in a field island with a few trees on. At Klinta is a parking space I can set the car on, and walk the few hudred meters to the dolmen. It's rather heavy traffic, and they drive fast here. I do not feel completely safe to walk along the road. At the sign announcing Ringsjö Wärdshus I walk across a narrow strip of arable land to the heap with the dolmen on. A sign informs about it. A large roof block is resting on some smaller stones. The  roof block is remarkably flat. On the heap is also some standing stones. Around the heap runs a border with stones, as seen in some places. When the tomb was built it was hidden in a mound of earth, which are now gone and the dolmen is visible. To the east is the Klinta forest seen, a deciduous forest nature reserve at the lake Ringsjön. Thought I could have a cup of coffee at Klinta spices but they have Sundays closed this time of year.