Eslövs leksaksmuseum
with model railways, locomotives and cars, dolls, toy soldiers, model cars, airplanes, Lego models, and much more.

July 30, 2013: Taking the train to Eslöv. Near the station is Röstånga Mölla. Have soup lunch buffet for 60 SEK. Overcast, but the rain stays away. Sitting on the patio. As usual, lots of gadgets.

Moving on to the toy museum. The museum is run privately by a family, housed in premises where there formerly was heard sewing machine sound if I understood owners correctly. For many years, they have amassed all sorts of toys, mostly model trains, but also cars, toy soldiers, dolls including Barbie dolls. A larger train in the Wild West scenery. A large room is covered with model railway, along the walls display cases with locomotives and cars. Trains are running around among famous places, though I do not recognize them, is not so well-traveled. Fun thinks the kids. Older are looking with recognition and nostalgia of all 50's stuff. I had never model railway, it was probably too expensive. Nor do I all remember brands and other toys that were then. A wooden railway is down in the basement, I had something similar. I have bad memory. Down in the basement there is also model airplanes and boats. A city built with Lego bricks, and a model of the Taj Mahal is also in Lego.

When I come out again, the sun shines. A cat slips into the greenery. Have a chat with one of the owners. They opened in 2011 to Eslöv's 100th anniversary. What is shown is the result of 50 years of collecting. Go to the square, sit down at Grappa below the hotel Sten Stensson Sten, order a glass of white wine. Cooling off in the suddenly appearing sunshine.

Eslövs leksaksmuseum