castle on the isthmus between Lakes Ring. Garden, exhibitions, restaurant. The monastery was founded in the 1000's. Ceased to be a convent in the 1500s. Admission.

September 1, 2011: Road 23 between Snogeröd and Höör. Stress stress. Hate to drive here. Making the turn into the Bosjökloster and parks there. Pay 75 crowns in the entrance, the ticket is valid throughout the year. Bosjökloster was founded as a benedektinerkloster in the 1080s. Activities ceased in 1560 and then it became a castle, it has changed a lot since then. It will be this weekend Skånedagarna with music, dance, food, tents erected, and the pastures are without animals. Goes through the Rose Garden, past the flower beds down to the viewpoint. Then a pretty little garden in front of the ruins of botkapellet, a former chapel. Behind it lies a playground and a shop, the Red House with clothes made of natural materials and things for the home. In the meadow below botkapellet are horses. A grass path goes down to a pier with boats for rent. Look out over Ringsjön. It's time for lunch, go to the restaurant. It is Flädie food and wine that run the restaurant. It serves Sjunkarödskorv, a sausage from the wild, with potato salad. On the wall hangs a photo exhibition with plant images of Hans Hammarskiöld, sole survivor of the group of ten photographers. Enjoying the sausage out among the roses.

Satisfied I walk to the thousand year old oak tree, which is a protected species, it is thus of the same age as the monastery. At one side on the trunk is a male high hole, but alive it is, despite this and his age. Shrubs, flowers, ferns grow lush. Animals pastures are empty, they will be used for Skånedagarna. The ponds are green with algae. Go through the park, and returning to the castle. In the corner is a small lush herb garden. Crossing the courtyard, on one side is the Abbey church and a memorial yard, in front of the other side, being private, is a well. In the vaults where the nuns took the meals is an exhibition of traditional costumes. Photography not allowed, so no pictures from there. Goes out to visit the church which is independent of the castle.

Sjunkaröds Vildsvinsfarm